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Trucking Accident Attorney: The Law Firms You Should Avoid

More than 100 law firms in Atlanta actively advertise for accepting truck crash cases. As in all businesses, the different injury law firms can offer great, good, average, and embarrassingly poor results for the clients they represent. Katherine L. McArthur, founder of McArthur Law Firm (MLF), gives a clear description of which legal firms to avoid if you expect to receive a top-dollar recovery.

Not all legal teams specializing in tractor trailer accidents are dedicated to securing maximum compensation for victims. Plus, our nation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration trucking oversight agency run by the United States Government does mandate that certain large trucks maintain insurance, but some trucks can comply and only have $500,000 in coverage.

Very few people want to entrust their critically important case to a discount fee attorney in search of business or an unknown or mediocre legal firm, even if that attorney’s legal group offers a lower percentage of any recovery than most first. This is especially true when a catastrophic wreck has killed someone in your family, or disabled a person, for life. When those cases arise, you need to “lawyer up” with a Firm known for large trucking accident verdicts.

The NO NAME LAW FIRM. Many TV ads now are hawking “quick cash” types of sales pitches, and conspicuously DO NOT mention any law firm name. A quick investigation of that group’s legal workers may reveal low attorney ratings and possibly show prior State Bar complaints, on their attorneys.

Personal Injury Law Firms to Avoid

Unsophisticated accident victims may consider this “lower percentage” ruse as being a great deal, when a firm only wants one-fourth or 25% of the net recovery. However, this can be a “penny wise and pound foolish” decision, as the British like to say, at least for the serious bodily accident claims.

The State’s top, specialized injury, wrongful death, and accident law firms nearby (like McArthur Law Firm) routinely charge one-third, and not one-fourth for such cases, for many reasons. High-volume acceptance of any case means that your lawyers will typically spend very little time on each file, since other files are piling up for both minor wrecks and major injury accidents.

Commercial truck drivers typically do not possess significant assets, which poses a challenge for individuals seeking compensation after being involved in an accident with a truck. Recognizing this, the top Atlanta truck accident attorneys understand that victims, whether they are motorcycle riders or passenger car accident drivers and occupants, must pursue legal action against the big rig truck’s owner in order to obtain complete recovery for various damages.

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When an accident occurs involving a commercial truck, the financial burden of property damage, physical pain, and suffering, and (in some cases) even the loss of a person’s life can be overwhelming. However, due to the limited assets typically available from a truck driver, it becomes crucial for victims’ truck injury lawyers to target the truck’s owner in their pursuit of justice and compensation.

By focusing on the truck’s owner, usually a commercial trucking company, victims can potentially access greater financial resources to cover the extensive costs associated with the accident. This approach allows them to seek full recovery for property damage, ensuring that any repairs or replacements required are adequately compensated.

Moreover, victims can also pursue compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering endured as a result of the accident. This may include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and even compensation for the impact on their quality of life.

In the unfortunate event of a fatal accident, litigating against the truck’s owner becomes even more essential. The loss of a loved one is an unimaginable tragedy, and seeking compensation for this irreplaceable loss can provide some financial relief during an incredibly difficult time.

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Pursuing legal action against the truck’s owner allows surviving family members to hold them accountable for their negligence or wrongdoing, while also securing the financial support necessary to cover funeral expenses, outstanding medical bills, and the future financial stability of the affected family.

In conclusion, top-notch truck accident lawyers in Atlanta are aware that commercial truck drivers frequently don’t have significant assets. As a result, they direct victims of truck accidents to seek legal recourse against the owner of the truck.

This tactical method guarantees that victims can secure complete compensation for property destruction, physical agony, and distress, and even the loss of life. By focusing on the truck’s owner, victims can tap into larger financial resources to handle the hefty expenses related to the accident, granting them the justice and recompense they are entitled to.

Example of Why you Want Top Accident and Injury Lawyers

This posting is made by 44-year litigation veteran Kathy McArthur, a proven legal gladiator as a tractor trailer accident attorney by her stunning case victories. Using the benefits of over four decades of work in motor vehicle crashes in Georgia — and a dozen other states — she has a unique view of the landscape of current lawyer advertisers seeking to handle major injury and wrongful death claims.

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These “marketers” are seeking any and all cases, and are set up to open, settle and close cases FAST. They do not strictly LIMIT their cases to the VERY serious injury and wrongful death cases like the McArthur Law Firm does.

Using the medical field as an example, assume that you had a top-rated surgeon at your hospital, who only is called into surgery where life or death crashes have happened. Common sense tells you that this special expert at saving lives should not be assigned to work at a 24-hour medical clinic helping to apply a plaster cast to a teenager’s broken arm or administering a tetanus shot to a person who stepped on a rusty nail.

So, the top firms will reject the smaller claims, but may also refer that caller to an excellent lawyer (or maybe two alternative firms) at small but skilled law offices. In doing so, the caller is being connected with a FIGHTER, who has gained a reputation for fighting cases until a fair settlement is obtained.

How these Financial Recovery Numbers Compare, for the VICTIM

Why the percentage of the fee can be unimportant. If the law firm has a successful track record, the insurance company will likely pay the maximum amount. Why is that?

Because the insurance carriers for truckers do this primarily because Georgia laws make that trucking company insurer liable for any “excess” verdict if they rejected a “within the policy limits” offer to settle. Hence, the REPUTATION of top personal injury lawyers like the MLF’s lawyers near me in Georgia brings “clout” to the table, since that insurer who refuses to settle and it taken to trial, might be on the hook to pay a $7,500,000 judgment!

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By way of example, if the SUV of a business executive is struck by a tractor trailer and causes that businessperson to have organic brain damage, and the trucking company has $5,000,000 in coverage, that executive needs all or most of that $5 million. Cases like this involve hundreds of hours of investigation, using accident reconstruction experts, medical doctor expert witnesses and often taking dozens of pre-trial depositions (sworn testimony under oath, from witnesses and victims in the case).

When the “cheaper fee” legal firm has no litigators of this caliber in their offices, the truck insurance company will consistently offer much less, because those experienced negotiators know the low-fee firm does not have a top-level trial lawyer on their staff. The insurance lawyers might offer $2,500,000, and if the “low-ball fee” firm sees that number, and only has 15 hours of their time in the case, could take their $625,000 fee and close out that case, having made over $41,000 per hour.

Going with the proven and skilled veteran personal injury attorney firm would yield $3,335,000 for the victim while the quick-to-settle firm’s payout to the client amounts to $1,875,000. This is why the highly selective firm (like the McArthur Law Firm) is unwilling to divert their many top-rated lawyers from the significant injury and wrongful death claims to bother with these “mass market” quick-to-settle cases.

Trucking companies fully comprehend the risks created when these large trucks are involved in semi-truck accident cases. When it comes to handling cases involving truck accidents, it is crucial to have a lawyer with a proven history of success. These types of accidents can result in devastating consequences, including severe injuries or even fatalities.

Therefore, victims and their families need legal representation that can effectively navigate the complexities of these cases and secure the compensation they deserve. Another important thing to understand about this type of litigation is that there are no “do-overs,” if you chose the wrong lawyer and went to trial and lost.

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The Lesson Learned from Not Knowing How the Personal Injury Law Business Works

While there may be numerous truck crash lawyers in Atlanta, not all of them have the necessary experience, expertise, and resources to handle such challenging cases. It is essential to thoroughly research and evaluate potential attorneys to ensure the Firm has a track record of achieving substantial recoveries for their clients.

A top-notch truck crash lawyer will have a deep understanding of the federal laws and regulations governing commercial vehicles and the trucking industry. They will be well-versed in the specific challenges and nuances that arise in truck accident cases, such as determining liability, investigating the cause of the accident, and assessing the correct amount of damages that should be paid.

McArthur Law Firm Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia

Furthermore, a reputable truck crash lawyer will have a network of experts, including accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, and economists, who can provide crucial support in building a strong case. These professionals can help establish the cause of the accident, determine the full extent of the injuries or damages suffered, and calculate the appropriate compensation to seek.

A top truck crash lawyer will have expertise, top lawyer ratings, resources, “staying power,” and finely tuned negotiation skills to secure fair settlements for clients. Having these credentials and a track record of multi-million dollar jury verdicts is what gets top dollar results.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached, our litigation attorneys near me will be prepared to take the case to court and advocate aggressively on behalf of their clients. Jury trials are guaranteed, for these cases, by the way.

Ultimately, when seeking legal representation for a truck accident case in Atlanta, it is vital to choose a lawyer with a proven track record of success in achieving substantial recoveries for their clients. By doing so, victims and their families can have confidence that they are receiving the best possible representation and (in doing so) maximizing their chances of obtaining the compensation they deserve.

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