Car Accident Lawyer Savannah: Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Involved in a car accident recently in Savannah? This article focuses on reasons you should select our Law Team to provide your personal injury attorney in Savannah GA.

Many people have a low opinion of car accident attorneys because of the avalanche of TV ads, radio commercials, and highway billboards hawking personal injury legal services. The local TV news stations are saturated with gimmicky and borderline misleading ads.

Savannah Car Accident Lawyer Kathy McArthur on the cover of Super Lawyers Magazine 2024Our small, focused law firm has amassed recoveries exceeding $450 Million, so far. As you can see below, Mrs. McArthur was selected from among Georgia’s 33,100 attorneys to be Super Lawyers’ cover story, after making the list of the Peach State’s Top 10 Attorneys (all practice areas).

Kathy McArthur: Board-Certified Car Accident Lawyer in Savannah. Kathy McArthur and her team, with a collective 101 years of legal experience, are prepared to tenaciously fight for your rights. When we know that our client’s case is “solid” we will not waver or back up from demanding full compensation.

If you have a car accident in Savannah, you need a lawyer to explain the law, the statute of limitations for filing suit, and to outline our plan for helping you get money for damages. This article will guide you on what to expect and how a seasoned car accident lawyer near me in Savannah can help you.

Over the years, because of their statewide legal civil lawsuit practice, our personal injury attorneys have undertaken these types of wrecks and crashes:

  • A multi-vehicle crash on I-16 near Savannah
  • Cases where the insurance company initially denied liability for the claim for medical bills and other economic damages
  • A Savannah I-95 accident that occurred during a summer downpour.
  • Savannah I-95 wrecks involving a commercial motor vehicle
  • A fatal motorcycle accident in Savannah GA
  • An ATV accident in Savannah
  • An I-95 accident in Savannah near Pooler

How Our Savannah Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Our pledge to you is that we will be your legal warriors throughout you court litigation. To highlight what that claim means, consider these points:

  • A Savannah car accident attorney from our Legal Office will conduct an exhaustive analysis of every aspect of your case with the same care they would give their own
  • To unwaveringly stand by you, whether navigating the turbulent flow of the Savannah River or negotiating through Georgia’s busy roadways
  • Excel in meticulously dissecting accident sites and paying close attention to details that may be missed by others
  • We will work tirelessly to reinforce your personal injury claim by accumulating robust evidence of the fault of the other parties.

In instances where settlement discussions come to a halt, our adept team is ready to shift gears from peaceful negotiations to aggressive courtroom advocacy. They approach legal documentation, motion filings, and maneuvering through the intricacies of judiciary procedures with precision and dedication.

Our goal (as your Savannah personal injury attorney) is for your demands to be heard distinctly and forcefully within legal precincts. Our firm’s lawyers have been trained in tort claims (injury and accident litigation) by Kathy McArthur and the other team members.

Types of Car Accidents We Handle

Car Accident Lawyer in Savannah, GeorgiaAttorneys specializing in personal injury from Savannah offer a broad skill set to address various accident cases. Our team of legal professionals is prepared for the distinct challenges posed by each incident, such as:

  • Incidents caused by drivers distracted at critical moments such as when passing through a red light
  • Accidents involving individuals impaired by alcohol or other drugs recklessly getting behind the wheel
  • Uber, Lyft or other rideshare-related legal controversies
  • Crashes with commercial vehicles that typically result in significant vehicle damage

These scenarios represent just a slice of the areas where we excel.

Our car accident lawyers near me are adept not only in navigating complex legal terrain but also possess deep compassion for those harmed by accidents. They bring expertise and sensitivity to situations ranging from devastating truck collisions impacting families to serious acts of negligence prompting intense personal injury lawsuits. The dedication our attorneys have toward securing justice remains steadfast throughout every case they undertake.

Car Accident Law Firm in Savannah, Georgia

The Cost of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Savannah

Should the potential of legal expenses deter you from seeking justice, personal injury attorneys in Savannah offer a remedy by removing initial costs via their contingency fee model. In this compensation scheme, lawyers’ payment is contingent on the outcome of your case—no victory implies no legal fees for you. This fosters a partnership rooted in shared trust and backing, where securing compensation becomes a collective effort.

Car Accident Legal Settlement $20 MillionThe advantage of not having to pay anything in advance to McArthur Law Firm allows individuals with financial constraints to seek the maximum compensation they deserve. However, remember that additional costs also may occur during the lawsuit, like court filing fees or charges for expert witness investigation of the case and later for their time providing testimony.

In your free consultation session with one of these proficient personal injury attorneys concerning a car accident issue, anticipate full disclosure about all possible costs to avoid any unforeseen surprises down the line—the primary objective is to keep you thoroughly informed about every financial aspect associated with hiring a lawyer for your case.

4 Key Takeaways of a Savannah Injury Attorney after a Traffic Accident Savannah GA

Savannah Car Accident Lawyers National Board of Trial AdvocacyIn the famous, historic City of Savannah, the administrative center of Chatham County, frequent car accidents are fairly common. Some personal injury cases occur from tourists unfamiliar with the streets and traffic signals in Savannah Georgia.

Regardless of what caused your injuries, our Savannah auto accident lawyers are experts at analyzing the causes of crashes. This includes calculating how much money a Savannah auto accident attorney from our Firm should demand as compensation for pain and suffering and lost earnings.

In such distressing situations involving twisted steel and broken glass, you can count on Kathy McArthur and her seasoned team for assistance. With a practice bolstered by over 44 plus years of civil justice litigation, this board certified civil litigation attorney along with her other 7 Georgia lawyers have successfully secured maximum recoveries for numerous clients, including those involved in Savannah accidents.

  1. Since 1980, with a recovery record of $450 million, Kathy McArthur and her team are committed to assisting Savannah’s car accident victims in obtaining the highest possible compensation.
  2. Personal injury lawyers in Savannah are essential for maneuvering through the intricacies of legal disputes following severe car crashes, such as with tractor trailers. Because all our attorneys have “been there, done that” for commercial trucking litigation, we are proficient in collecting evidence, estimating the value of your claims, and conducting pre-litigation negotiations.
  3. The auto accident lawyers at McArthur Law Firm in Savannah deal with different types of accidents. These include ATV accidents and car crashes caused by distracted or careless driving.
  4. Our legal professionals and staff (which includes a registered nurse) provide services such as analyzing cases, collecting evidence, and representing clients in court if necessary. They offer services such as analyzing cases, gathering evidence, and representing clients in court when needed.

Best Car Accident Lawyers in Savannah

The capabilities of The McArthur Law Firm include:

  • a. Advocating strenuously on behalf of those wrongfully harmed on the streets of Savannah and Chatham County, GA.
  • b. Managing cases entailing crashes linked to careless property owners as well as catastrophic incidents triggered by irresponsible motorists.
  • c. Focusing steadfastly on making financially liable parties own up to their responsibilities.
  • d. The Firm’s attorneys’ collective, deep knowledge of civil litigation exceeds 101 years.
  • e. McArthur Law Firm’s attorneys consistently fulfill and exceed their commitment to exceptional performance rather than merely claiming to do that.

Kathy McArthur Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer in Savannah Georgia

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