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Kathy McArthur is a top-rated personal injury attorney. She and her Law Firm’s many attorneys have served the metro Atlanta, Georgia, community for more than four decades. The Atlanta and Macon lawyer has successfully litigated injury and accident cases in courts all over Georgia and in numerous other states, too.

Katherine McArthur personal injury lawyer in Macon, Georgia

During those 44 years, Super Lawyer Kathy McArthur has dedicated her legal practice to fighting to recover full compensation for accident and injury victims. Attorney McArthur has built a large, successful law firm, training all of the injury lawyers in the law office to adhere to her high standards of excellence.

People deserve compensation for injuries caused by negligence or carelessness, and Georgia laws allow for this to happen. People in Atlanta, Macon, and other Georgia cities are allowed to file personal injury claims to recover compensation for damages caused by someone else’s fault.

The ultimate harm occurs when an at-fault person (e.g., trucking company driver) is not paying attention or driving too fast for conditions and causes a fatality to another person. The legal term for this is a claim for “wrongful death.”

Her peers in the civil justice field recognize the board-certified leader of McArthur Law Firm as one of the State of Georgia’s top personal injury attorneys. Her Board Certification for civil trial advocacy came from the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

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The Georgia resident is also a member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a very elite status held by far fewer than 1% of all attorneys in the United States. Kathy and her legal team of best attorneys have teamed up to recover over $450 million for clients in a wide assortment of personal injury claims.

Understanding why Personal Injury Law is So Critically Important

The money collected (usually from the negligent party’s insurance company) is being awarded to compensate for our clients’ pain and suffering or being rendered permanently disabled. In some claims, a large part of the money might have been used to cover medical expenses. In others, replacing your lost wages while you were incapacitated is a key legal necessity.

Other types of damages are authorized to be sought under Georgia personal injury laws. In car accident cases, replacing your motor vehicle (if totaled by another motorist) can often be accomplished in a matter of a week or so.

A personal injury case can occur in thousands of ways. To name a few of the more common personal injury lawsuits, Kathy McArthur, Georgia injury attorney near me, has litigated thousands of these types of legal actions:

  • Product Liability cases for a defective or dangerous product that injured or killed our client, or led to her or his permanent impairment of motor skills, vision, hearing, etc.
  • Compensation for Personal Injury: You are entitled to claim both specific and general compensation. Specific compensation usually covers direct costs that you have to bear due to the injury like medical expenses, car repair costs, and lost wages.
  • General damages on the other hand, includes such intangibles as your pain and suffering, both physical and mental, from the actions of the negligent party. Your inability to participate in your usual activities that you enjoyed before you were injured can be a category of recovery that we fight for you to receive.
  • Macon personal injury at a nursing home or extended care facility. Too often, a patient has been neglected, or has been dropped after being moved in or out of the bed or a shower area by orderlies or nurses. In other cases, claims of nursing home abuse can be proven once our lawyers investigate the case.
  • In a medical malpractice lawsuit, the applicable “duty” is outlined in OCGA Section 51-1-27, which typically mandates healthcare providers to practice a reasonable level of care and expertise. To be more precise, doctors must employ the same level of care and expertise that is commonly expected within their profession, given the specific circumstances.

McArthur Law Firm personal injury lawyers in Macon Georgia

In and around Macon and Atlanta, GA, most personal injury cases primarily revolve around the “standard of reasonable care.” If an individual or company fails to fulfill this duty, the company or person (or both) may be held responsible for any injuries caused as a result of their negligence.

When you engage our Firm’s legal services, our personal injury lawyers in Macon will assess the total damages in your case to ascertain the settlement amount you ought to receive. However, there might be instances where you cannot receive compensation for all damages due to certain Georgia laws pertaining to personal injury cases.

What Happens if the Crash or Accident was Partly my Fault?

Were you partially at fault? When an accident results in injuries to you or your passengers, these injuries may have different factors weighed, since you were driving. Almost always, a passenger is free of possible fault for the collision.

In car accident cases, if someone violates traffic laws and causes injury, they are considered to have breached their duty and can be held responsible for punitive damages.

Under Georgia “tort” laws, it is possible for the jury to rule that you had partial responsibility for that accident. This doesn’t mean you cannot receive compensation for your damages.

Kathy McArthur HAS litigated major civil injury and wrongful death cases in dozens of different states, in both state courts and federal courts.

McArthur Law Firm attorneys in Macon for personal injury

The state of Georgia has a “modified comparative fault” law that will reduce the award of monetary damages that you can receive by the percentage of responsibility that you are assigned to have had in causing an accident. For example, if you are found to have been 20% at fault (by the jurors) and the jury’s award of damages amount rendered by the jury was $1,500,000, our client can still receive $1,200,000 from the negligent party.

Taking this further, if our client are more than fifty percent (50%) at fault, you will not be entitled to any damages under Georgia law. Georgia’s favorable “tort” laws are not as favorable for claimants as the State of Florida’s but is MUCH better than North Carolina’s civil damages recovery laws.

When Should I Hire an Injury Attorney to File My Lawsuit?

In most cases, under Georgia law, you have two (2) years to file a personal injury action. If the lawsuit is not filed by then, it will be permanently barred due to the statute of limitations. Only a personal injury attorney can determine if your case is viable due to limited exceptions.

Some injured parties make the mistake of “settling” too early. Then, a delayed symptom (like memory loss or chronic neck pain) starts to show up. If you let the negligent party’s insurer pay you, it is virtually certain that you cannot sue later.

If you really have no injury, and 120 days have passed since your injury, then you may just NOT hire legal counsel and take the best offer you can get from the negligent party’s insurer. I hope that this suggestion makes sense, but also shows how important it is that our firm LIMIT its cases to the ones with serious injuries or a fatality.

This is because top lawyers like ours do not want EVERY case, regardless of what the lawyer TV ads seem to be telling you. The best law firms ONLY take serious injury or wrongful death cases, because trying to handle the small cases detracts from being able to pour all of our Firm’s resources and efforts into the serious injury and accident cases.

Through the several hundred recoveries for her clients over the more than 44 years, Kathy knows a good offer and a bad offer. Her practice has heavily focused on truck wrecks, automobile crashes, defective products that harm or kill a person, and medical malpractice. When she meets with a grieving family or a seriously injured citizen, she looks you in the eye and assures you that she will do everything possible to “make you WHOLE again.”

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After Being Seriously Injured or after Losing a Loved One, Delay is your Enemy, so Call Us Now!

Kathy McArthur encourages potential clients to review any lawyer’s posted history of specific verdicts and settlements, as well as past client testimonials, before hiring any attorney. Call now for your free lawyer consultation and let Kathy and her other experienced personal injury lawyers in Macon and Atlanta GA fight for you!

Kathy McArthur is a fighter who prides herself on fully investigating every case and preparing to go to trial in every situation. The insurance company lawyers in Georgia know her reputation for rejecting “low ball” offers and opting for a trial.

This comprehensive preparation then lets the negligent party know that she’s serious about proving the case in court unless a full and fair settlement offer is made. When the cases go to trial, her record-breaking verdicts are a true testament to her cutting-edge litigation skills.

Our legal professionals will thoroughly investigate your car crash case, slip and fall (defective or unsafe premises) case, class action lawsuit or medical malpractice lawsuit. Then, if our assessment is that you have a good and viable case, our legal team will fight for your rights, and advance all case costs, so that you pay no court costs nor pay your attorneys one nickel until the case is concluded for our Firm’s client.

If you (or a close family member) were injured due to negligence, why wait any longer? Evidence may disappear, over time. Take advantage of your 100% FREE lawyer consultation. Call now to 478-238-6600 to get started.

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