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Attorney Fees Are The Same-Go With The Best

The McArthur Law Firm fights for the victims of personal injury, car wreckstruck crashesmedical malpractice and other incidents where negligent individuals and businesses cause harm. We get clients more money because they are worth it, and because we can. We do not give up the fight until our clients receive a fair settlement offer, or we take the case to trial.


It is important to understand that all Georgia personal injury attorneys charge about the same attorney fee percentages in most cases. Contingency attorney fees are calculated as percentages of a settlement or verdict. Inexperienced attorneys who simply settle cases for low amounts will be paid the same as experienced trial litigators.

So, you have a choice:

  • Do you want to hire an inexperienced attorney who is only interested in settling a case to get a quick payday?
  • Or, do you want an experienced trial litigator who will fully investigate the incident, prepare for trial during negotiations, and demand the maximum amount of money from the insurance company or defendant?

Remember-you will likely pay the same percentage of attorney’s fees either way

Think about it this way-it’s easy for any lawyer to get a $1,000,000 offer on a case that’s worth $5,000,000! What sets us apart is that we will know the value of your case and get the $5,000,000 for you because the insurance companies know our track record. Don’t be fooled and become a victim of a bad lawyer. All personal injury attorneys are NOT the same! Find and demand the best. It will not cost you higher fees and you will get more money.

The McArthur Law Firm does not settle a case for less than the full amount that our clients deserve. Personal injury lawyer Kathy McArthur is a board certified civil trial specialist who has been litigating cases for 40 years. During that time, her personal injury law firm has recovered record multimillion-dollar case results for clients. When you are looking for a personal injury attorney, make sure to review the lawyer’s history of successful case results and testimonials from past clients.


We use the terms “car accidents” and “truck accidents” throughout the website, because those terms are generally what people say when they are talking about motor vehicle wrecks. However, this language is misleading, because the McArthur Law Firm believes these incidents are not really accidents.

We fully investigate every case, whether it is a car accident or possible medical malpractice injury, to understand all the events and factors that led up to the incident that caused our clients harm. There are typically multiple reasons why car wrecks or medical malpractice took place, and we fight to uncover the truth about what happened. It is only then that we can prepare for trial and let the defendants know we are serious about pursuing this case. If the defendant does not offer a full and fair settlement amount, we will litigate the case in court and be aggressive advocates to prove our clients’ cases.

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The McArthur Law Firm handles nationwide and statewide personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, including:

Additionally, our attorneys handle appeals of personal injury claims. We also protect the rights of fraud whistleblowers in qui tam lawsuits. We can also assist you with special needs trusts after a personal injury settlement.


Check out our successful case results and testimonials from past clients to see why. Compare our personal injury firm with other attorneys throughout Georgia and learn what sets us apart. We provide our legal services across the state, from Atlanta to Savannah as well as all the cities in between including Columbus, Augusta and Albany.

When you want to talk about your potential case, call 404-565-1621. Alternatively, fill out our online form for a free consultation with personal injury attorneys. We practice nationwide.

We offer a free initial consultation on all cases, whether in an office meeting, by phone or teleconference.

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