Construction Injury

Construction workers who are hurt on the job should have their situations reviewed by an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney. Some people might think for benefits, a person does not need an attorney and can file the claim themselves. This may be true. However, a worker should always speak to a construction accident attorney as soon as possible after an incident at a construction site leaves them injured.

Construction Accident Attorney Will Review Your Construction Injury Claim For Free

Our personal injury lawyer will review your situation for free and offer you legal advice as to the best steps to move forward. In some cases, our attorney might recommend you handle the construction injury claim yourself and offer you legal guidance to do so. In other situations, our work accident attorneys spot additional claims construction workers may have over and beyond their construction injury benefits. There is no cost to this consultation, and there is no obligation to hire the McArthur Law Firm after a meeting.

Third-Party Claims for Construction Workers

The type of claim that injured construction workers may have in addition to construction injury benefits is known as a third party personal injury claim. Construction injury benefits protect the employer and other employees after an on-the-job accident; workers give up their right to sue their employee or coworker, but in return they get construction injury insurance.

Unfortunately, construction injury claims only cover a portion of an employee’s regular salary and medical bills. It does not offer the full amount of lost wages or other damages, such as pain and suffering.

If a construction worker was harmed due to the negligence of a contractor or sub-contractor of a different company, however, the injured party may have a claim for personal injury under Georgia law. For example, this might be the situation where:

  • A worker slips on a tool or piece of equipment negligently left in the walkway by a different contractor;
  • worker is electrocuted by a faulty wire negligently installed by a contractor;
  • A worker, either on foot or in a truck, is hit by another vehicle driven negligently by a different contractor;
  • worker falls off a scaffold or through the floor of a site due to negligent maintenance or installation by another contractor.

These situations are merely examples of third party claims that occur on construction sites. Third party claims happen frequently in the construction industry, as there is often a number of contractors and sub-contractors working at the same site at the same time.

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Our construction injury lawyers offer free case reviews to injured construction workers. There is no cost and no obligation to have your case reviewed, so come for a consultation and learn how to best protect yourself in this situation. Our Georgia construction injury attorneys can offer you legal advice and guidance as to how to move forward with your claim, and whether you have additional claims you were unaware of previously. We are able to help construction workers in Albany, Atlanta, and Savannah understand their rights after workplace accidents. Our statewide firm can also assist Columbus, Augusta, and workers located nationwide.

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