Anesthesia Errors

When most people think of medical malpractice, they think of surgical errors. They are not normally thinking of problems with anesthesia or other types of medical negligence.

Let McArthur Law Firm Help You

If you think you may have been victimized by negligent anesthesiology, please come to speak with the dedicated lawyers at McArthur Law Firm. With offices in Macon and Atlanta, we have protected the rights of injured people throughout Central Georgia for decades. Our founding lawyer, Katherine McArthur, has 40 years of experience, while out attorneys have a combined 200 years of experience.

Count On Experience

Our years of experience in injury matters includes a larger practice helping people with other medical malpractice cases, such as medication and surgical errors. We understand the complexity of medical injury cases, where the hidden pitfalls are and how to guide cases through those obstacles successfully.

Those years of experience provide us with the sound legal judgment you want in a case involving anesthesia. Plus, we also have the resources, both financial and in personnel, that you need to protect your rights properly in a case like this.

You can depend on our attorneys and legal team to find and retain the right experts who can speak meaningfully to what went wrong in the operating room. Whether you need representation in the courtroom at trial or at the negotiating table for a settlement, we have been down that road before.

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You can contact our office to schedule a free consultation. During that consultation, we can provide you with a candid evaluation of your situation and point you to any next steps. To reach us, either call us at or contact us online.

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