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By: Macon personal injury lawyer Jessica Edmonds, Georgia Super Lawyer, and Law Partner at McArthur Law Firm

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries or death to people in smaller vehicles because of the trucks’ large size and weight. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh over 40 tons, making it 20 times heavier than the typical car or truck, and over 60 times heavier than an average motorcycle.

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Recent statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reveal that nearly 14 million large commercial trucks are registered in the U.S, transporting billions of tons of merchandise each day. You can expect these figures to rise in the coming years, due to higher demand for truck transport after the COVID pandemic.

The FMSCA says that a little more than one out of every 6 deadly crashes in America involve big trucks or buses. While some big rig drivers also perish in these crashes, around 71% of those killed are in other vehicles pedestrians.

For a list of the most common ways these accidents occur and how our 8 Macon truck accident lawyers at McArthur Law Firm gather evidence and approach litigating these highly important cases, visit this big truck accident attorney blog page. For example, Macon truck accident attorney Jordan Josey has been part of the Firm’s litigation team since joining Mrs. McArthur’s legal warriors after law school.

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5 Steps to Take after a Trucking Accident

Rule #1: People in truck crashes often need emergency medical help and (therefore) are taken to a nearby trauma center by ambulance or life-flight helicopter. Because the laws of physics are in favor of heavier vehicles, anyone in the smaller vehicle(s) or who is a pedestrian will need to immediately be taken to an emergency room.

So, always go to a hospital for any significant impact, due to the fact that hidden problems, like a slow bleed in the cranium. One other related aspect is identified in Rule #3, to not give the insurance company any basis for pointing the finger at you for not seeking immediate medical help.

Rule #2: If another person in your vehicle or who is summoned to come help you arrives, that person needs to be your eyes and ears. She or he needs to remain at that accident location to assist law enforcement officers and try to capture as many photos and video clips as possible. Among other tasks, getting names and numbers of eyewitnesses, possibly the truck driver as well as his main office phone number and address.

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Rule #3: Not just immediately after a truck crash, but any delaying of medical treatment, skipping physical therapy, or foregoing psychological therapy sessions is a mistake than can sometimes reduce the value of the claim. The insurance company might use your intermittent doctor’s visits and cancelled appointments to argue that your injuries were not severe enough to warrant a claim. They could then try to claim that your injuries were caused by something other than this initial impact in question.

Rule #4: Contact your insurance company ASAP, to start getting your coverage for various losses. Talk as little as possible, and (if you have hired our Law Firm) we will be on that call, too. Any items the insurer pays to you or for you can be later recovered from that at-fault trucker’s company or insurer, via a process called subrogation.

Rule #5: It’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents during this time. They can help protect your rights and make sure you get the fair compensation you are entitled to.

What Are the Main Causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents can be caused by drivers, weather, and trucks themselves. A study found that driver training and experience play a big role in preventing these accidents. Other factors like drunk driving, bad decisions, speeding, and tiredness also contribute to the risk of accidents happening.

Truck operators and other staff in charge of freight loading and securing the cargo can also play a part in causing accidents. If the goods are not correctly loaded, they can move and make the trailer veer off course. Inadequately fastened freight can also result in the same issue, and it can even tumble off the truck, obstructing the way of other vehicles.

Snow and ice on roads make truck accidents more likely, as does how vehicles are made. Not taking care of trucks can also cause accidents. Some trucking companies and sellers may not do proper maintenance, leading to tire blowouts, brake issues, and electrical problems.

Truck Accident Crash Injuries that Often Occur in Truck Collisions

Anyone who survives a large truck accident with a few scrapes and bruises should feel lucky since the risk of life-threatening injuries and fatalities is considerable. These injuries are more likely to happen:

  • Traumatic brain damage or spinal cord injuries can happen without displaying all (or any) symptoms immediately after the impact. These devastating results often manifest themselves in our client’s lower back, neck, shoulder blade areas, and can later cause paralysis, crushed bones, or bulging discs.
  • Cranial and Cervical Injuries: These encompass brain concussions, skull fractures, traumatic brain damage, and other related injuries. The signs may not be instantly noticeable and may appear over time, hence it’s crucial to promptly seek medical care even if you believe you’re okay.
  • Internal bleeding can happen inside the body after a truck accident. Symptoms may not appear immediately and can lead to serious health problems. Blunt force trauma from airbags and seat belts can cause spleens and aortas to rupture, possibly leading to cardiac arrest.
  • Injuries, scalds, and gashes: Severe injuries caused by shattered glass and miscellaneous fragments can be extremely painful. These can occur to any body part, including the eyes, face, nose or genital area. A breached fuel pipe on a truck can ignite a fire, leading to intense burns, and the resulting scarring from sutures or burns. In some cases, amputation or crushing of the pelvis area can cripple or maim our client for life.
  • Dislocated, fractured, or broken bones: In big truck crashes, the impact can crush or break bones causing nerve damage, paralysis, and nerve pain. Also, muscle tissue and connective tissue often must be repaired or replaced.

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What Categories of Damages Can I Seek after a Truck Accident?

After you inform your insurance company, their adjusters will assess the situation. They will then determine whether to deny your claim or propose a settlement. This process can be challenging as the amount offered may not cover all your expenses.

Additionally, you may still experience health problems from your injuries even after receiving the payment. After you inform your insurance company, their adjusters will assess the situation.

They will then decide whether to deny your claim or offer a settlement. It can be challenging because the money may not cover all your expenses. Additionally, you may still experience health problems from your injuries even after receiving the payment.

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It’s not uncommon for adjusters to propose insufficient settlement amounts to those who self-represent. For this reason alone, it is extremely wise to not sign ANYTHING nor accept these paltry settlement offers without legal advice from highly experienced attorneys.

Attorneys can collaborate with insurance companies to bargain for equitable settlements, which is a typical result. If consensus cannot be achieved, the subsequent course of action could be litigation.

In Georgia, a two-year window is provided to lodge a personal injury lawsuit in relation to a truck mishap. The party purportedly responsible could be the truck operator, the trucking firm, the truck or parts producer, or the repair and upkeep service providers.

If the lawsuit is victorious, the complainant may be awarded compensation to cover their healthcare costs, lost wages, and emotional distress.

Georgia Truck Accident Attorney Kathy McArthur is one of the Peach State’s Leaders

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Sadly, truck accident claims often mean that the person calling our law office is the surviving spouse or other family member. In addition, due to many truck crashes leading to crippling disabilities, all of these wrecks can be emotionally challenging, especially if you try to “go it alone.”

Trucking accident attorney Macon Kathy McArthur has been litigating against trucking companies and their drivers for over 40 years. She and the 7 other semi-truck accident lawyers can be your truck crash attorney whether you need us as the case’s wrongful death attorney or to recover for grievous injuries incurred in a crash case anywhere near Macon Georgia.

Read over our prior client reviews, and you will quickly know that our Macon truck accident lawyers will support you throughout your ordeal, and long after the case is over. Our Macon GA lawyers will stay in touch long after being your big rig accident lawyers.

One Former Client’s Attorney Rating Accident where She Lost An Arm

“What happened to bring me to Miss Kathy was in 2005 I was rear-ended on the interstate, on I16 in Laurens County, by a girl text messaging and lost my left arm. I felt like Miss Kathy really cared, her and her staff.”

“She doesn’t act like a lawyer when you visit with her. I mean she treats you like family. She kept me informed and updated on everything that went on. Miss Kathy absolutely fought for me and I would recommend her to anybody.”

– Debra Ford

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Our client was involved in a car accident that left him with injuries that required medical attention and care.