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The drivers of tractor trailers are fully aware that they are held to the highest driving safety standards, which are enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Any wreck can derail that driver’s job, simply due to the liability to her or his trucking company.

Truck drivers, like all humans, are prone to making mistakes. One common mistake that truckers make is driving for too many hours without taking a break. This can lead to driver fatigue, which is a serious issue that can impair a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle safely.

Fatigued drivers are more likely to make errors, have slower reaction times, and may even fall asleep at the wheel. This not only puts the driver at risk, but also endangers other motorists on the road, if on I-16 or I-75 when a crash happens.

Truck accident lawyers in Georgia

The period right after your commercial vehicle accident case can be filled with physical discomfort, high anxiety, and extreme emotional distress. Hence, it’s crucial to have the appropriate support network and legal advice from a Georgia Law Firm by your side after any significant truck crash with large trucking vehicles.

It is important for truckers to prioritize their own safety and the safety of others by taking regular breaks, getting enough rest, and following regulations regarding hours of service. By doing so, they can help prevent accidents and ensure that they are able to perform their job effectively and responsibly.

Exceeding the stipulated speed limit is a common practice among many Americans. However, the typical driver isn’t operating an 80,000-pound colossal machine that is 25 to 35 times weightier than the majority of other vehicles on the highway, and up to 150 times weightier than a motorcycle.

However, how do you choose the most suitable Macon truck accident attorney for your needs? A close look at the lawyer’s “resume” for successes in Court is your best bet, along with reviewing their consensus attorneys’ ratings in the community for any other lawyers in Macon GA.

Katherine L. McArthur is a personal injury lawyer Macon GA, who reaches 45 years on the job on June 9, 2024. She is well-known by the big rig trucking companies because that have had to pay her Firm, on behalf of many clients.

For her entire career, she has always provided a free consultation to all who needed her legal advice. This way, she is able to explain that — if she and her Team take your case — you pay NOTHING, until she and the other legal warriors obtain a favorable jury verdict or settlement, that the client approves.

The Resume of Prior “Wins” that Justify Hiring McArthur Law Firm

Not often do attorneys Macon Georgia recover large jury verdicts or obtain settlement in 7 figures (over $1,000,000 or 8-figures (over $10,000,000) but Mrs. McArthur has more than 60 of those outcomes. Be aware that every one of those cases, however, involved a wrongful death or very serious (and often life-changing) bodily injuries.

McArthur Law Firm top rated truck accident lawyers in Georgia

Her career is highlighted by record-breaking jury verdicts in many Georgia counties, in a variety of practice areas, including some trucking cases. In addition, for medical malpractice she has also obtained record-breaking verdicts or settlements.

If you seek an Atlanta trucking accident attorney, our Legal Firm also handles truck accidents in Atlanta, too. The Atlanta office has been open for several years, because over half of the deadly trucking crashes in the Peach State occurred in the 19 metro counties, with the balance spread across the other 140 Georgia counties.

In comparing truck wreck lawyers, many attorneys in Georgia are advertising heavily to get these cases. Yet are those high-volume attorneys really able to perform at the highest level? The chances of you seeing that featured TV lawyer or billboard attorney in a trial are about the same as your chance to win this week’s lottery.

In selecting your injury or accident attorney, you have multiple choices of whom you can choose from in the greater Macon, GA, area. Our firm has a personal injury attorney Macon GA available daily, to speak to you when you call, even if others are in court.

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Before looking elsewhere, compare these distinguishing factors and credentials that set our Firm apart:

  • Our legal warriors live and work here, and know our “community,” not in Columbus, Athens, Augusta, or Albany.
  • The attorneys at MLF are proud to have earned the trust of many former injury and accident clients. See a couple of those ratings below.
  • You will not owe MLF any legal fees unless we secure a jury verdict or a pre-trial settlement in your GA lawsuit.

Kathy McArthur truck accident lawyer Georgia

  • Kathy McArthur is the only Macon GA attorney in history to be named as the Super Lawyers cover story lawyer of the year (2024).
  • Our Georgia attorneys in Macon have earned the highest “AV” ratings awarded by America’s oldest lawyer directory, This ranking is the highest possible Martindale peer review lawyer rating with this legendary organization.
  • Attorneys representing insurance companies can be “in house,” (which is uncommon) or work for private firms while always taking that side of the cases, and never sue to help the victims (like our clients.)
  • Our local lawyers in Macon have successfully secured over $450 million in damages for our clients and a substantial amount of those awards came against trucking companies when their truck drivers caused the harm.

Top rated truck accident law firm Georgia

  • While not every firm is capable of managing such cases, MLF provides a specialized practice area solely devoted to advocating for victims of commercial trucking accidents. Many cases require top expert witnesses to be able to counter the truck company experts, and we front all these costs, too.
  • Our law professionals do not handle any claims that are merely for property damage, no matter if that was for a brand new Rolls Royce that was totaled. Our skills and time are focused solely upon wrongful death cases or cases having grievous bodily injury, disfigurement (such as burns, broken bones, organic brain damage, loss of an eye, a finger, a hand, etc.) or a death involved.

McArthur Law Firm truck accident lawyers Georgia

How our Eight Trucking Accident Attorneys near me Approach a Case

Our Georgia personal injury law firm has been put together by Kathy McArthur, a Georgia attorney since 1980. The Macon GA lawyer was trained by top-rated personal injury attorneys Macon GA and has been part of injury and accident trials in over a dozen states.

By engaging our Macon truck accident lawyers, you can rest assured that our legal warriors will vigorously protect and assert all of your rights. Until our MLF team has exhausted every avenue and theory for recovery (to secure damages and other compensation permitted under Georgia laws) we never quit advocating for you.

Jessica Edmonds Truck Accident Lawyer Georgia

Jessica Edmonds, truck accident lawyer Georgia at MLF, has been co-counsel on many complex and difficult cases with Kathy McArthur. The same is true when asked to be a family’s wrongful death lawyer Macon, after a trucking crash fatality.

Only a tiny handful of Macon GA law firms can match the record of top recoveries obtained by our semi-truck lawyers near me in central Georgia. Because our attorneys in Macon GA carefully evaluate each potential case, and only offer to handle it once that review is done, we know that if we DO NOT PRODUCE, we get nothing for having put in possibly 1000 hours of our Firm’s work.

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What are You Waiting For if it Costs you Nothing when you Hire?

Because the call is free, and you have nothing to lose by talking with us, call now. Important evidence from that wreck may disappear if you wait too long after any accident, whether it be a commercial motor vehicle wreck or a passenger car crash. Dial us at 478-238-6600 to get started now with that NO COST interview.