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When hospital negligence or a physician’s medical error harms a person, this is generally referred to as “medical malpractice.” Only a few law firms in Macon GA have award-winning MEDICAL personal injury lawyers. McArthur Law Firm is one of those top firms.

Of all types of personal injury cases, suing medical professionals or hospitals can be the costliest of all personal injury claims. Once they file a personal injury complaint in Court, small law offices or those other legal offices who lack the “deep pockets” to be able to “front” all the trial prep costs for our client.

In some complex cases, like birth injury malpractice, these costs sometimes exceed $250,000 for trial preparation costs. Marginally funded law offices will be hard pressed by the lawyers for the physician’s insurance companies, in an effort to make the patient “give up” and take a low settlement offer “deal.”

Medical negligence law firm in Macon GA

From the client’s standpoint, though, these personal injury lawsuits are highly personal. This is especially true when a botched operation or flawed medical procedure or misdiagnosis leads to a wrongful death of that client’s loved one.

The Top Med Mal Attorney Near Me. The Macon attorneys at McArthur Law Firm will not flinch when the costs of litigation and full investigation get to this point, because Kathy McArthur and her legal team have been through many of these med mal cases for over four decades.

Unlike many lawyers in Macon Georgia, who handle common types of personal injury law claims, like minor fender-bender car accidents, dog bite cases and workers compensation, the McArthur Firm will not settle for too little, when the value of the case is in the multi-millions. A recent egregious wrongful death case handled by our Firm in the Warner Robins area went to trial and the jury awarded a multi-million for wrongful death, for a needless and careless surgical error.

medical malpractice law firm Macon GA

Law Firms in Macon with a Medical Injury Lawyer Near Me

When seeking an attorney near me to be your medical malpractice attorney, sift through the prior jury verdicts and settlements obtained over that legal professional’s career. That prior history of all Macon lawyers and previous “track record” in trials will let you know if you are dealing with a top-rated medical attorney near me, or not.

While the Georgia statute of limitations is two years, when these cases occur, immediate investigation and pre-litigation legal action to secure key medical records is essential. Being able to prove all aspects of the negligent acts in the case can “make of break” the case value.

If a few rare cases, lawyers suing doctors have even had grounds to seek punitive damages for outrageous conduct in trying to hide records or change records in a desperate attempt to cover up the malpractice. However, these are exceedingly rare situations in the medical negligence field.

A Few Examples of Types of Medical Malpractice

Every med mal case is different. One maxim that the best medical negligence attorneys agree upon is that early action to secure all records is essential. In light of the very high financial risk in this field of medical practice, certain categories of practitioners tend to be at the high risk level, like plastic surgeons, brain surgeons and spinal surgery physicians.

  • Dropping a patient during pre-surgery testing, or during surgery or while transporting that patient by ambulance or other transport mean.
  • Failure to monitor vital signs and blood oxygen toxicity levels that are known signs of an emergency condition that needs intervention.
  • Severing an artery during a surgical procedure through inept handling of a scalpel or laser knife, causing death.
  • Severing a key nerve during surgery leading to permanent paralysis.
  • Childbirth issues that arise from not closely monitoring blood pressure spikes that can cause the child to abort prematurely, leading to cerebral palsy or other severe disabilities.
  • Improper delivery methods used during childbirth when the child is an obvious breach birth that should have been taken by Caesarian surgery.
  • Failure to order detailed radiological tests (like an MRI or CAT scan) that would have diagnosed an unusual or dangerous condition.
  • Refusing a patient the needed medical care by denying treatment due to a lack of medical insurance coverage.
  • Improper administration of the wrong drugs, or a defective medical product, or using the wrong chemo package, or delivering an excessively high dose of a powerful drug that then leads to brain damage, stroke, paralysis or death.
  • Operating on the wrong body part, such as the wrong knee, which had no medical problems at all, and then having another doctor perform the correct knee surgery.
  • Omissions in the diagnosis of a medical condition such as cancer or a malignant tumor or leukemia.
  • Not fully informing an inquiring patient of the full risks of a procedure before surgery or inflating the number of prior surgeries this physician previously performed himself or herself for this type of risky medical procedure.

medical malpractice law firm Georgia

Medical Malpractice Cases litigated by a Personal Injury Attorney Macon GA

When you have located the personal injury lawyer Macon GA who stands out among all other Macon lawyers from PROVEN results in the last decade, that is the medical attorney near me to retain. These kinds of cases, when handled by any of the very best in the business, will be similar in the contingency fee structure offered.

For your free legal consultation near me, call our Macon office today. Be aware that we travel to all parts of Georgia and even will take cases in other states, when our skills are needed. Dial 478-238-6600, for immediate attention to your potential med mal lawsuit.

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