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Seeking a medical malpractice attorney Atlanta GA? But also seeking one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in Georgia? If that answer is also “yes,” then you have come to the right website.

Since 1980, Atlanta malpractice lawyer Kathy McArthur has been successfully litigating GA medical malpractice cases. She leads McArthur Law Firm (MLF) and its team of other med mal lawyers which cumulatively have over 100 years of combined service.

Be aware that only a tiny number of Georgia attorneys (less than half of 1%) specialize in “med mal” (medical malpractice) cases for plaintiffs (those injured by medical malfeasance). Even fewer are acclaimed, award-winning female medical malpractice lawyers in Atlanta like Mrs. McArthur.

In 2024, she was recognized as THE Cover Story attorney for Super Lawyers among 33,100 total attorneys in the Peach State. Since their magazine began being published, fewer than two dozen attorneys have made the cover of this lawyer ratings publication.

Attorney McArthur’s personal injury law firm has obtained multi-million dollar jury verdicts in many significant medical malpractice cases that have ended in a wrongful death or resulted in leaving a patient incapacitated. These cases are very important to all Georgians since it means that a physician or other medical professional has (in some way) fallen below the accepted standard of care when diagnosing or engaging in medical procedures.

Our medical malpractice lawyers in Georgia are experts in the field and can analyze the medical records in your case to be viable to go forward with filing a lawsuit. The McArthur Law Firm’s attorneys have won millions of dollars for their clients by way of trial verdicts.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Atlanta

While not all cases go to trial, in some cases our law professionals have been able to negotiate a full and fair settlement prior to a trial taking place. The approach that MLF has adhered to over more than four decades has solidified the MLF Team’s tenacity and willingness to “let the Jury decide,” when a less-than-adequate pre-trial offer is made to settle the case.

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What Damages Are Available in a Georgia Medical Malpractice Claim?

$12 Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdict in GeorgiaAccording to Georgia legislation, the compensation accessible to medical malpractice victims may incorporate:

  • Economic Damages – This remuneration can offset past and projected medical bills as well as lost income or potential earnings in the forthcoming years due to the neglectful behavior or negligence that caused harm.
  • Non-Monetary Damages – This refers to compensation for the non-tangible harm you’ve endured, like pain and discomfort. It’s possible to seek damages for both previous and anticipated future pain and discomfort.

Should a loved one’s death be the result of medical negligence, MLF is able to pursue various forms of recompense for you including financial help for funeral costs and the loss of monetary assistance. By knowing that you have selected one of the State’s best medical malpractice lawyers near me to be your lawyer for medical malpractice, you can sleep well at night by being confident in the trial skills of your legal warriors.

Hiring the Right Georgia Medical Injury Lawyers

The Georgia Composite Medical Board is responsible for licensing various healthcare professionals. This includes physicians, physician assistants, respiratory care professionals, and perfusionists. The board also licenses acupuncturists, orthotists, and prosthetists.

Additionally, they license auricular detoxification specialists, issue residency training permits, and monitor cosmetic laser practitioners, pain management clinics, and genetic counselors. The Medical Board also investigates and disciplines licensees who violate State of Georgia laws governing professional behavior.

In Georgia, the Georgia Composite Medical Board oversees the competency and licensing of all types of medical professionals. Their website states this as the GCMB mission statement:

“The mission of the Georgia Composite Medical Board is to protect the health of Georgians through the proper licensing of physicians and certain members of the healing arts and through the objective enforcement of the Medical Practice Act.”

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Some Guidelines to Follow about Getting Started on your Med Mal Case

Medical negligence lawsuits in Georgia, particularly those involving medical malpractice resulting in a fatality, are often considered to be some of the most intricate. The idea of taking legal action against a physician, a medical institution, or a large insurance corporation can be daunting for numerous individuals.

However, the attorneys at McArthur Law Firm (MLF) are seasoned professionals with years of expertise in managing these kinds of claims and navigating the intricacies associated with initiating and litigating these cases. In addition, because Mrs. McArthur is married to a nationally known surgeon, and has other physicians in her family, she is one of the Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys who will only be proceeding with a claim that she is confident is justified and is a legitimate departure from the accepted standard of car for the Georgia medical license.

Three critically important aspects of these cases need to be mentioned:

  1. Do not delay learning whether you HAVE A VIABLE CASE. If a bad “result” has happened, it costs you NOTHING to speak with our lawyers. Delay can result in important information disappearing, and the case possibly not be provable if that evidence is lost, so if you have a “gut feeling” that this was a botched medical procedure, call us.
  2. The immense costs of taking care of a victim of medical negligence can be overwhelming. Georgia laws are set up to allow for litigation when these things occur, because otherwise, the “damaged” person may be a ward of the State of Georgia, costing taxpayers to care for that now-disabled person.
  3. The statute of limitations can expire, and you then can NO LONGER proceed with this kind of civil litigation. If the case you want to talk about has some age on it, call NOW. This way, you have not waited too long to act.

Our Team of Eight Medical Malpractice Attorneys

In Atlanta, Georgia, typical medical malpractice allegations are related to healthcare providers behaving carelessly during diagnosis, treatment, or patient consultation. Other cases arise during the post-surgery phase when post-op errors occur when a patient is convalescing at a hospital or is sent home and prescribed the wrong medications.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Georgia at the McArthur Law Firm

Our legal firm has handled cases across the Peach State, but the Atlanta metro counties are (by far) where most of these medical negligence cases arise due to the concentration of medical facilities in this area. However, errors occur throughout Georgia (e.g., Albany, Columbus, Augusta, Savannah) with a variety of medical malpractice claims each year.

Neglecting to monitor patients in care homes can have serious consequences, such as the development of pressure sores or ulcers. These painful wounds can occur when a patient is not moved regularly, causing pressure on certain areas of the body.

Without proper care, these sores can become infected, leading to severe pain and potentially serious health issues. Nursing homes must provide adequate supervision to prevent these injuries and ensure residents get the care they require.

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Examples of Some Types of Neglect or Actionable Medical Malpractice

  • Wrist, finger, or hand surgery
  • Giving the patient the wrong blood type
  • Pharmaceutical error by doctor or pharmacist, causing injury or death.
  • Repairing the wrong knee, hip, shoulder or
  • Leaving a surgical tool, clamp, or other item (e.g., glove, scalpel) inside the patient
  • Negligent amputation of the healthy body part, instead of the intended surgical objective
  • Gastric sleeve or bypass surgery for obese patients
  • The patient suffers excruciating pain because the quantity of anesthesia did not totally put the patient under but being unable to alert the doctors of having to endure that intense pain.
  • Lack of informed consent prior to conducting the procedure
  • NICU-incorrect treatment and monitoring
  • Lack of proper sterilization of instruments and gloves, leading to serious infection and possibly amputations
  • Surgical negligence causing death or permanent brain injury of the patient.
  • CNA, RN. LPN or other nurse practitioner negligence or omission to act in accordance with training.
Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Georgia
  • Doctor misdiagnosis or neglect causing the patient to be seriously harmed or killed.
  • Childbirth injury, delay, or other malfeasance, possibly causing cerebral palsy.
  • Dental malpractice or error (e.g., extracting a healthy tooth and not the decayed one).
  • Pet misdiagnosis or malpractice by giving the pet the wrong dose of medication, causing death.
  • Failure to diagnose for failing to properly test and use diagnostic testing to detect an aneurysm, leading to the patient’s death.
  • Chiropractic error when manipulation causes stroke, paralysis, or other serious spinal cord injury.
  • Botched cosmetic surgical procedures.
  • Emergency room delay, failure to properly triage patients in accordance with crisis conditions or other gross error or neglect facts.
  • Improper anesthesia administration or monitoring.
  • Not treating Lyme disease or similar conditions in a timely manner.

Our Firm Obtains No Fee Unless Our Legal Warriors Win Your Case

Medical malpractice lawyer Lindsey Macon is an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Atlanta and is a law partner. She initially worked for the “other side” at the national litigation firm of King & Spalding before switching over to handling 100% plaintiff’s practice cases. The MLF team has top medical malpractice lawyers in Georgia with a wide range of skills to cover all aspects of litigating and (if needed) appealing med mal cases.

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Our legal team of medical malpractice attorneys in Georgia only accepts malpractice lawsuits on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that you pay NOTHING up front.

In simple terms, this arrangement has the LAWYERS advancing all costs of investigating and litigating the case, with such expenses being deducted from our client’s recovery when our legal team wins the case. This arrangement also means that you are not liable for any legal expenses or initial costs unless our MLF attorneys successfully obtain a verdict or settlement in your favor.

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