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Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Georgia: McArthur Law Firm

The combined annual medical malpractice claims from the ten (10) metro counties of Atlanta, Georgia (Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Cobb, Hall, Forsyth, Cherokee, Clayton, Paulding, and Henry) exceeds the total claims coming from the remaining 149 counties in the State of Georgia. So, for those in search of ANSWERS from medical malpractice lawyers near me, with McArthur Law Firm (MLF), you have found one of very few legal teams that will handle cases statewide and even travel out-of-state to assist client who need our expertise.

While not all “bad outcomes” after surgery or other medical treatment are “actionable” (viable to make it through to a trial) our lawyers are willing to evaluate and professionally advise those in need of ANSWERS, and not EXCUSES. Remember that our compassionate attorneys will COME TO YOU, when that is needed, due to your immobility or being confined to bed rest, or if you are now in a hospital while recovering.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Georgia

The majority of Americans believe that when they pursue medical treatment, that we (or a child or parent) will not be exposed to medical harm or be maimed or die from medical mistakes. Regrettably, each year, as many as 250,000 Americans die due to medical error, according to a recent news report. Watch this video.

In addition to fatalities, thousands more suffered needless injuries, disfigurements, and are ravaged by unchecked diseases, with some suffering fatalities due to medical negligence. Patients are entitled to file a claim for compensation if they do not receive the “accepted” standard of care for the medical procedure undertaken by a state-certified medical expert.

Our law firm has a wealth of experience in handling medical malpractice injury cases, having successfully resolved numerous multi-million dollar cases over the years. We understand the devastating impact that medical negligence can have on individuals and their families, and we are dedicated to seeking justice and fair compensation for our clients.

Our team of attorneys in Atlanta, Macon and Warner Robins specializes in medical malpractice cases. Our Georgia lawyers stay updated on the latest laws and regulations, thoroughly investigate each case, and build a strong legal strategy for our clients.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Kathy McArthur

Our legal warriors at MLF accept this need to travel to our clients (and provide a FREE lawyer consultation) for these personal injury cases for three primary reasons:

a. Most lawyers in small population counties and cities in the Peach State do not have the training and experience needed to accurately know which cases are viable and which cases will be rejected from going to trial. To maximize your chances of winning, you cannot just select a medical malpractice attorney near me who has no proven track record of multiple multi-million dollar successes in prior cases.

b. Moving disabled or bed-ridden victims is difficult, sometimes costly, and (in all cases) highly disruptive. Some medical malpractice claims occur after a truck reck or car accidents when patients are taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where we can meet with the patient and her or his family members.

c. Because some medical error cases resulted in a fatality to the patient, if a wrongful death claim is the type of lawsuit being filed, our lawyers often want to come meet with multiple of close family members to record their personal accounts of WHAT WAS LOST when the now deceased person (the Client) was no longer part of their family. The person who is given the right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit is controlled by Georgia’s wrongful death statute.

Top Rated Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Georgia

Kathy McArthur has been featured in the news many Times. As a leading voice among Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys, Kathy McArthur has set a high standard for other female medical malpractice attorneys, by breaking records for largest verdicts several times. Her 40+ years of work in this specialized area puts her in the top echelon of litigation attorneys NATIONALLY, and not just in Georgia.

A Wide Range of Causes may Lead to Medical Error Lawsuits

You will need expert legal assistance when you or a loved one has died (or been rendered a mere shadow of their previous “self”) after:

  • surgical malpractice when the standard “duty of care” is not followed.
  • physical manipulation treatments by a chiropractor
  • birth injury due to delay during labor, misdiagnosis of monitoring emergencies,
  • hospital-acquired infections due to improper sanitation and preparation of hospital beds and furnishings
  • operating on the wrong knee, shoulder, hip or ankle.
  • botched repair of an aortic aneurysm
  • receiving an unnecessary or flawed hysterectomy
  • anesthesia overdose causing a variety of negative medical problems, including wrongful death.
  • leaving an object (e.g., clamp, sponge) in the person’s body, requiring another operation
  • diagnostic errors or missing anomalies in lab results
  • errors while conducting organ transplants of heart/lung or heart.
  • inducing a heart attack or a stroke due to an erroneous infusion or dosing of medication
  • failure to diagnose cancer from radiological slides, charts or images or other testing.
  • not aggressively treating an infection that later causes death, disfigurement, or loss of use of a limb
  • cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) to breasts, face, neck, abdomen, or genitalia.

Learn how hiring an expert medical malpractice attorney Atlanta will best protect your rights as you seek justice through full monetary compensation. Our many lawyers specializing in medical malpractice near me know which cases are viable (that is, will make it past the medical insurers’ lawyers “motion for summary judgment” when filed into a Georgia court), and get to a jury trial (or in some cases, a judge-only trial).

You must ONLY turn over your claim to a top medical negligence attorney. The number of proven expert law offices in this specialized field of malpractice litigation is very small in number.

Because all cases are aggressively defended by insurance company legal teams, you (and the litigation attorneys you select) must expect to face these usual hurdles:

  1. Med mal insurance defense lawyers with top litigation skilled attorneys and medical experts; plus
  2. Being able to identify and eliminate potential jurors who will be biased toward medical professionals and not be willing for find negligence; plus
  3. Massive case litigation pre-trial preparation costs (which our firm advances) due to bringing in the best available experts to testify.

For more than forty years, the personal injury lawyers at McArthur Law Firm have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients and their family members in civil litigation cases. Kathy McArthur is married to a physician but knows that grieving families who have been permanently impacted by medical error need to obtain JUSTICE.

Let the litigation professionals at MLF explore how our legal organization and trusted experts can assist you in achieving the financial recovery needed to compensate for your tragic loss. Contact our lawyers near me for medical malpractice by dialing our Atlanta number, 404-565-1621 or our Macon number, 478-238-6600.

Should you or a family member have experienced harm due to an incorrect diagnosis, it’s probable that you have a case related to medical malpractice. We are capable of offering top-notch representation for victims of blood transfusion injuries, brain injuries stemming from a medical procedure, or severe hospital-acquired infections.

In certain instances, the injuries of our clients may stem from malfunctioning medical devices or infected meshes, implants, surgical implements, or tools. Regardless of whether your situation resulted in a severe disease, impairment, a permanent health issue, the requirement for additional operations, or the heartbreaking loss of a loved one, we can help you.

Before you Decide on your Litigation Professional, Check these Attorney Credentials of Lawyer McArthur

Kathy McArthur has over 44 Years of Med Mal Legal Experience. The award-winning Georgian provides unmatched compassion in her FREE Consultations with potential clients.

  • Hundreds of Millions of Dollars obtained (collectively) for our law firm’s prior clients. Results matter, not hype and TV ads.
  • Best Lawyers in America – 2013 through 2024

Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Georgia

  • Awarded as the Best Medical Malpractice Law Attorney of the Year (Macon) 5 times.
  • Best Law Firms in America multiple years

Best Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Georgia

Highly Awarded Medical Malpractice Lawyers

  • Named as a Georgia Super Lawyers and one of their Top 10 Attorney (ALL LAWYERS IN ALL PRACTICE AREAS) 2019-2024
  • Named to 19 years to Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers Medical Malpractice in Georgia

  • Free Lawyer Consultations and we advance the costs of the Medical Doctor analysis of your medical records.
  • 10.0 out of 10.0 Superb (Highest Lawyer Rating) by Avvo for Decades, as well as FindLaw

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