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If (due to the negligence of others) you have suffered an injury on the roadways of Georgia, the legal team at McArthur Law Firm (MLF) is ready to assist you in securing full compensation to manage your injuries. Our auto accident attorneys in Macon GA bring over 100 years of collective personal injury law practice to bear when representing you.

This century of experience includes successfully recovering in well over 1000 personal injury cases involving vehicle crashes. But vehicle crashes are just one of a dozen types of accident and injury cases our legal warriors litigate. Read more below to see our other law practice areas and learn about our Team’s FREE consultation for every new potential client.

Macon Auto Accident Attorney Kathy McArthur Super Lawyers Cover Story

In 2024, Kathy McArthur was honored as one of the State’s Top 10 attorneys (all practice areas) and profiled within the magazine in a 4-page spread about her life and practice. Currently, there are 33,100 Georgia lawyers actively practicing law.

The McArthur Law Firm is the first and only personal injury law firm Maconor any other practice category of Georgia law — to have a Macon attorney be featured as the State of Georgia’s Super Lawyers. No other middle Georgia has ever been honored by this national lawyer ratings company.

McArthur Law Firm Macon auto accident attorney

Our team of eight (8) experienced personal injury lawyers in Macon GA specialize in representing clients who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Our largest identifiable category of former clients are car accident victims since motor vehicle crashes are the nation’s leading category of civil lawsuit claims.

Our attorneys can help you navigate the legal process and seek punitive damages for those harmed by flawed actions on the roadways or in other settings. The cases we handle include trucking accidents, car accident lawsuits, slip and fall incidents, product liability claims, and premises security breach cases.

Meet Jordan Josey, Partner at the McArthur Firm

Macon auto accident attorney Jordan Josey

Originally from South Carolina, Macon auto accident attorney Jordan Josey attended and excelled at Clemson University as an undergrad student. Then he moved to Macon and completed law school in Macon, at Mercer Law School (Walter F. Georgia School of Law). He became a Georgia Bar Association member in 2016.

In addition, we are experts in litigating medical negligence cases of any type (e.g., against nurses, doctors, therapists, defective medical products, surgical errors, pharmaceutical errors, and chiropractic errors). Doctors are required to follow professional standards applicable to that profession for medical treatments, for example.

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Our middle GA lawyers know that getting hurt can be really hard, so our litigation professionals want to help make things easier for you. Our lawyers will work hard to find out what happened, collect the available items of proof, and build a strong case for you.

Regardless of who is responsible for your harm, our squad is dedicated to advocating for your rights and guaranteeing that you obtain the highest possible recompense as per the law. If you’ve been harmed due to another person’s carelessness, don’t delay in reaching out to our experienced Macon personal injury attorneys today for a complimentary consultation.

Meet Partner Jessica Edmonds, Car Accident Lawyer Macon GA

Macon auto accident attorney Jessica Edmonds

Personal injury attorney Macon GA Jessica Edmonds is one of our Macon Legal Team’s law professionals. After the Warner Robins native completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia (with honors), Ms. Reynolds moved to Macon to attend the Walter F. Georgia School of Law at Mercer University, graduating in 2013 and then joined Mrs. McArthur.

It is crucial for individuals and businesses to exercise caution and vigilance when interacting with you on a daily basis. This responsibility extends to ensuring that they are mindful of your well-being and safety in all their actions and decisions.

Whether it is in a personal or professional setting, it is important for others to be aware of your presence and take necessary precautions to prevent any harm to you that could happen by accident, due to not following basic safety rules.

Top Rated Macon auto accident attorney 2024

By being cautious and attentive, people and businesses can help create a safe and secure environment for you and others to thrive and succeed. Our civil justice laws call for the legal right of recovery when negligent drivers don’t pay attention, or take unreasonable chances while driving, leading to accidents.

As far as business owners are concerned, shopkeepers must keep their floors from being trip hazards. This means prompt clean-up of spills of slippery substances onto linoleum or concrete floors.

Pet owners must take precautions to prevent their animals from attacking guests or invited service personnel in their homes. Nursing home workers are tasked with keeping their feeble residents safe and (when needed) assisting them with their needs.

Also, it is imperative for manufacturers to ensure that the products they release in the market for public consumption or use are safe for their proposed use and are not perilously flawed. If they are not safe, a product liability defects lawsuit is headed their way.

Meet Macon Auto Accident Attorney Quintesha Reynolds

Macon Auto Accident Attorney Quintesha Reynolds

Auto accident lawyer Macon GA Quintesha Reynolds is another of our Legal Team’s legal professionals. After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia, Ms. Reynolds moved to Macon to attend the Walter F. Georgia School of Law at Mercer University.

Kathy McArthur hired Quintesha as an associate attorney based on her sterling academic record achieved by being an honors graduate at UGA and at law school. She can be your Macon auto accident attorney if you ask for her legal help.

Dedicated Lawyers Looking Out for You and Your Needs

If someone else’s carelessness has led to severe harm to you or a loved one, let us look into those facts for you. The personal injury attorneys at MLF will litigate against the negligent individuals and their insurers to assist you in obtaining substantial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and distress.

Auto accident attorneys in Macon GA

Our personal injury law practice in central Georgia is dedicated to empowering accident victims who have endured devastating injuries and disruption of their lives from some negligent act. Our entire law practice is focused on representing families who have lost a family member due to wrongful death triggered by someone else’s negligence.

This may be a retail establishment, a hospital or other medical facility, a nursing home, or even a national pharmacy chain located anywhere in the State of Georgia. Our attorneys specialize in Georgia personal injury cases, representing individuals injured in a variety of accidents, such as:

  • Medical doctor error or hospital negligence or misconduct cases
  • Canine attacks (or other pet attacks)
  • Convalescent home care or nursing home neglect or abuse cases
  • Faulty product design, product liability cases, and safety issues
  • Slip, trip, and fall cases occurring on commercial property (or their parking lot areas)
  • Automobile, rideshare (Uber, Lyft), or motorcycle negligence cases.

It’s not advisable to handle insurance claims by yourself. Lawyers at insurance companies often exploit self-represented accident victims who lack professional representation. This may happen by them either rejecting the private citizen’s claim or compensating them far less than the value of their injury or accident claim, including settling medical bills.

Without question, any person’s chances of success in obtaining the full value of your legal claim will greatly benefit by having a seasoned and committed personal injury law firm handling the litigation. The journey through the civil justice legal system is full of traps for the unwary, so it is our job to see and avoid those traps that could defeat your claim.

Our clients in injury, accident and wrongful death cases are not required to pay any upfront costs for our legal assistance. When we accept your case, the MLF team covers all these costs, which are advanced to the Client until the case is over, and then collected. With over $450 Million already recovered, why look to a less experienced law firm?

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Simply reach out to us and our legal team members will handle the rest. In Macon, Georgia, and nearby areas such as Milledgeville, Albany, Warner Robins, Cordele, Perry, Dublin, Forsyth, and Jackson GA, MLF is the go-to legal firm for personalized service and outstanding outcomes.

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