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By: Macon Car Accident Lawyer and Law Partner at McArthur Law Firm, Jordan Josey, Personal injury Attorney Macon GA, offering FREE consultations for all Macon GA traffic accidents (or surrounding areas in Georgia)

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Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident in Macon GA today? Daily, many motor vehicle collisions lead to debilitating injuries and sometimes result in a fatality (i.e., Macon motorcycle accident). Below are just a few of the types of injury and accident cases our lawyers have (collectively in our 101 combined years) handled:

  • Wrecks caused by commercial trucks that need a Macon truck accident lawyer.
  • Motorcycle crash cases which are far more likely (than car accidents) to lead to crippling injury or death.
  • Rear end collisions (while sitting at a red light, yield sign or stop sign) that ultimately lead to needing a top back injury attorney Macon GA.
  • Truck crash cases caused by a tractor trailer operator, bus driver, garbage truck or other heavy commercial vehicle, which need a top-notch trucking accident attorney.

Our Firm’s leader, Kathy McArthur, has been a Macon GA personal injury attorney since 1980. With every Macon injury law firm she has been with, the Macon injury attorney has been on the litigation team for hundreds of personal injury Macon cases.

When it comes to highly regarded personal injury lawyers in Macon GA, she will be at the top of most lawyers and judges’ lists. That is why Super Lawyers tapped her to be their Cover Story attorney from more than 33,100 other attorneys in the Peach State.

Kathy McArthur Macon auto accident attorney

Discussing personal injury lawsuits essentially refers to discussing torts, a legal term that describes civil litigation claims for damages. In some car accident Macon GA scenarios, the responsibility is usually determined by Georgia’s traffic regulations (sometimes called “the Rules of the Road”), and any infringement of these rules would be considered a breach of that responsibility.

For instance, if a person has suffered injuries from a car crash because someone ignored a red light, leading to a collision, that innocent party is entitled to compensation. The driver broke the law by not stopping at the red light and this negligence caused your injury.

To succeed in winning a personal injury claim (e.g., truck accident cases against truck drivers and their trucking companies), you must prove that the defendants violated a legal obligation they had towards you. The legal obligation owed to you might be not texting while driving or violating some other Georgia traffic law and that this violation resulted in the serious bodily harm to you (or possibly caused a wrongful death).

Quintesha Reynolds Macon auto accident attorney

Quintesha Reynolds, shown above, is an Associate attorney with our legal firm for nearly four years after graduating with honors from Walter F. George School of Law Mercer University. She has been trained by central Georgia’s top legal minds in the field of personal injury litigation.

What Other Kinds of Accidents will a Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Litigate?

In addition to a car accident Macon GA, our civil litigation attorneys travel statewide for every type of civil negligence case that created severe bodily harm to others or a wrongful death. So, nursing home abuse, negligent security cases in which a woman was raped, or person was physically assaulted are some examples.

In the context of a slip and fall accident, the applicable legal obligation is outlined in O.C.G.A. Section 51-3-1. This law mandates that property owners and occupiers must exercise due diligence in maintaining their premises and approaches to prevent injuries. Notably, this responsibility extends beyond just hazardous conditions on the property itself (like a liquid spill on the floor that is not noticeable) but may also include safeguarding customers from criminal activities if the business has experienced such issues in the past.

In the context of a medical negligence lawsuit, the pertinent responsibility is outlined in OCGA 51-1-27. This medical malpractice law typically mandates healthcare professionals to demonstrate a reasonable level of care and expertise. To be more precise, the physician is required to exhibit the level of care and expertise that is commonly used by the medical profession in similar situations and conditions.

In Macon, GA, the majority of personal injury lawsuits revolve around the principle of reasonable care. If an individual or business fails to uphold this responsibility, they could potentially be held accountable for any injuries resulting from this failure.

Crucially, a personal injury lawsuit is only valid if the alleged offender’s actions directly resulted in harm to the person initiating the lawsuit. Partner Jessica Edmonds, shown below, has earned the reputation of being a tenacious and determined “take-no-prisoners” litigator in our Firm’s client litigation matters.

Jessica Edmonds Macon auto accident attorney

The person who suffered the injury must demonstrate a direct connection between the violation of duty and the injury sustained. This requirement to establish proof is known as the “preponderance of the evidence” standard, which essentially implies that the violation “more likely than not” led to the injury and the subsequent need for medical attention.

This standard is quite lenient and is usually simple to prove in automobile accident scenarios. However, the issue of causation becomes significantly more challenging and complex in cases of medical malpractice.

Typically, a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within a two-year timeframe. If a lawsuit is not initiated within this period, the statute of limitations would permanently bar any such action. However, there are certain exceptions, and a seasoned personal injury lawyer can advise you on the feasibility of your case.

What Items or Categories of Loss can be Claimed as my Personal Injury Damages?

Should you sustain harm as a result of someone else’s carelessness, you are entitled to seek different forms of recompense. These include both specific and general damages. Specific damages typically include costs from injury, like medical bills, car repairs, and lost wages.

The jury will be directed to compensate you for all specific damages resulting from the defendant’s actions. General damages, however, cover non-tangible losses such as physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in activities you previously enjoyed, and any lasting disability. The jury will be responsible for determining the monetary value of these injuries.

Caleb Walker Macon Auto accident attorney

What Types of Defenses will the Insurance Company Lawyers Raise?

The insurance firm covering the individual or corporation at fault usually staunchly defends most personal injury lawsuits. By example, if any “shared fault” issue can be asserted, the defense attorneys will either deny being at fault or dispute being fully responsible. Law partner Caleb Walker, (image shown above) is widely regarded as one of the State of Georgia’s top legal minds when it comes to legal research and writing for accident and injury cases.

For instance, (with the defendant’s vehicle coming up to a yield sign) the company’s defense lawyers might argue that although their insured party didn’t give way when entering the road that you were traveling upon, that you could have decelerated or evaded the crash entirely.

Work-related claims. Be aware that (in personal injury cases), some people or entities cannot be sued for being hurt while in your “position.” By way of example, in Georgia, an employee cannot sue her or his employer for personal injuries, even if their actions (or inactions) led to your injury. In these on-the-job injury cases, that person can only file for workers’ compensation, which covers medical bills and some lost wages, but does not cover.

If a government agency or its workers injury you, special steps must be taken. Also, some government entities like the State of Georgia and its governmental subdivisions (a city like Macon or Oglethorpe) or a county such as Bibb County, Macon County, Houston County) may be immune from lawsuits. Even if some liability insurance company coverage exists, those dollar amounts (per victim) are often much lower than the claim is worth.

Even when liability is clearly the fault of the other party, the insurance company will also generally argue that your injury claims are false or vastly inflated, or that your medical bill claims for medical care are overstated. Through their own research, the defendant’s lawyers will scour various available sources to see if you have had prior injury or surgeries linked to any pre-existing conditions.

Call our Macon GA personal injury law firm to allow us to investigate and seek a full financial recovery for you and your loved ones. A Macon, GA personal injury lawyer with our office can help determine if your claim is valid.

Summary of this Article and Information on our FREE Lawyer Consultation

If you suspect that you have a personal injury claim against another person or company, it is important to take immediate action. Personal injury cases can arise from a variety of situations, such as car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, or workplace injuries. Gathering evidence, such as photographs, witness statements, and medical records, is important to support your case.

In addition, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the incident, even if you do not think you are seriously injured. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent and seeking medical treatment can help document the extent of your injuries.

Engaging a Macon injury lawyer without delay is advisable. Especially in any type of death case, if an exam of the body is important to the viability of your case, we need to immediate file legal papers to ask Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones to not later or embalm the body.

Critical, urgent obligations, if not correctly fulfilled, could obstruct, or even defeat your claim. Once “on the job,” our lawyers have numerous other tasks to perform to protect and enhance your case’s value and viability. Almost no clients are aware of these important steps that need to be taken.

McArthur Law Firm Macon auto accident attorneys

Except in unusual circumstances, a victim will invariably secure a larger settlement with the help of a lawyer. This is almost always true even after deducting the attorney’s fees and litigation costs from that settlement.

Our original office is conveniently located in Macon, Georgia. Yet, our firm has two other law office locations, and we cater to clients (who have significant cases) all over the United States. You can call our law firm at 478-238-6600 to arrange a NO-COST initial case assessment today.

The phone lines at our personal injury attorneys in Macon are answered 24 hours a day. Our legal warriors will respond to client queries or help you initiate a personal injury lawsuit.

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