What The Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Even though you have been paying your premiums loyally for years, when the time comes to actually use the insurance, you may have questions as to what is actually going on: Is that really the best offer? Why are the representatives asking so many weird questions?

Why Is The Insurance Company Acting Like This?

Below are five answers to those questions, answers the insurance company does not want you to know.

1. The Insurance Company Is Not Here To Help You

Believe it or not, that call you get from the insurance company after your accident is not a friendly one. They may sound like they just need to chat and get some information, but what is really happening? The insurance representative is gathering information to use against you during your claims process.

That’s right. The insurance company you have been paying all these years now has decided it does not want to pay you. To avoid paying you full compensation, they will attempt to negotiate with you so you will accept less compensation than what your insurance contract provides.

With that basic principle in mind, that the insurance company adjuster is not here to help, what else should you know?

2. You Should Have A Lawyer Review Any Settlement Offer You Receive

Particularly if you are being pressured to accept the offer now or in an uncomfortably short period of time. Interpret that pressure as a sign to have the offer reviewed by an attorney. Initial offers usually overly favor the insurance company and are drafted with negotiations in mind.

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3. The Claims Representative Or Adjuster May Not Be Telling You The Full Truth About Your Claim Or Evidence

Again, that representative’s job is to protect the insurance company’s bottom line and the methods used are often unsavory.

4. The Claims Adjuster Attempts To Be Friendly In The Hopes That You Will Believe You Do Not Need An Advocate

Of course, the claims adjuster is advocating for the insurance company, so you should be sure to have someone on your side, too, no matter how friendly the adjuster seems to be.

5. The Insurance Company May Offer To Pay For Some Of Your Damages, But Not Others That Are Covered By Your Insurance Contract

Some of those costs could include prescriptions, physical therapy and other resources necessary for a meaningful recovery.

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