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The McArthur Law Firm is dedicated to client satisfaction and obtaining the absolute best results possible in every personal injury case. Most attorneys in Macon and throughout Georgia charge the same percentage of attorney fees, no matter if they are inexperienced lawyers or seasoned trial litigators. If it costs the same, why would you choose anything less than the best? Always research Georgia law firms to see if the attorneys have proven track records of successful verdicts and settlements, instead of simply settling a case for a quick payout.

Don’t be fooled and become a victim of a bad lawyer. All Georgia personal injury lawyers are NOT the same! Find and demand the best. It won’t cost you higher fees and you will get more money.

Kathy McArthur and the Macon personal injury lawyers at our firm will not stop fighting until our clients receive a full and fair settlement offer, or we take the case to trial.

Past Clients Endorse The Macon Attorneys Of McArthur Law Firm

Many of our past clients refer their friends and family to our firm after their case is completed. These endorsements meant the most to us, because client satisfaction and knowing we made a difference in these people’s lives is what keeps us going as personal injury lawyers.


Past clients offer insight into their cases and why they recommend the McArthur Law Firm for personal injurycar wreckstruck crashes and medical malpractice cases:

Car Accident Testimonials

Last year I was in an auto accident and initially felt overwhelmed. Once I called Jessica, I was immediately at ease. She was with me through the entire process and always took the extra time to explain situations in a way I could comprehend. She was kind and professional, but most importantly- she got results. I cannot say enough good things about Jessica and her team! They took the stress out of a stressful situation and I will always be grateful for their work.

– Tabitha Chapman

Case Overview
Debra Ford was involved in a collision with an employee from International Paper (“IP”). As a result of the accident, the vehicle that Debra was driving was overturned and then dragged along the roadway on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Debra sustained numerous injuries to her arm which caused the need to have her left arm amputated at the shoulder. The cause of the accident was a result of the IP employee being distracted by talking on a cellphone.

Result: Confidential

What happened to bring me to Miss Kathy was in 2005 I was rear-ended on the interstate, on I16 in Laurens County, by a girl text messaging and lost my left arm. I felt like Miss Kathy really cared, her and her staff. She doesn’t act like a lawyer when you visit with her. I mean she treats you like family. She kept me informed and updated on everything that went on. Miss Kathy absolutely fought for me and I would recommend her to anybody.
– Debra Ford

Case Overview
Our client was involved in a car accident that left him with injuries which required medical attention and care.

Result: Confidential

I would say to not trust your insurance company, they are out to serve their best interest. I did trust Ms. McArthur, and am thankful for that decision.
– Carlos McCloud

Case Overview
Our client was involved in an accident that involved a car fading into his lane. After initially thinking he was ok, he began to experience pain and symptoms as a result of the accident, which would require medical attention.

Result: Confidential

Case Overview
Our client was involved in a tragic rear end collision that resulted in the loss of their 24 year old son. The vehicle was struck from behind by a Sales Representative from AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Result: $15,263,000 Verdict

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience and perseverance with this case, you are amazing…we owe you so much, you are the eye of the Tiger. You and your team are amazing. We have Kaleo and his life to honor for the rest of our lives. Thank you for bringing together his remarkable life and for your tireless efforts and the relentless pursuit of his honor.

Thank you so much, you are a miracle worker! I had faith in you and you came through so so great!!! I was absolutely amazed and captivated by your preparation on and in behalf of my son Kaleo!

We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Truck Accident Testimonials

Result: $2,836,814 verdict; a record verdict in McRae, Telfair County GA (record verdict includes the entire Telfair County Circuit)

I had an accident. A tractor-trailer truck hit me head on. Kathy was working on my case. She was a fighter. She didn’t back up. She told me that if there was going to be a lion in the family, let her be the lion, and she was just that. I have already recommended probably a dozen people to Kathy. You can’t ask for a more professional and a more loving person with her words and her talk than you can with Kathy McArthur.
– Raford Horton

Case Overview
Our client incurred neck and back injuries from a tractor trailer accident.

Result: Confidential

I would recommend Ms. Kathy McArthur to represent anyone involved in an accident of this caliber. Her representation was excellent!
– Tony Heath

Case Overview
Tractor Trailer Accident

Result: Confidential

Why I came to Kathy was I was involved in a major traffic accident with a tractor-trailer. I was rear-ended from behind back in 2006 and it caused some extensive neck and back injuries that I had to have surgery for. Kathy handled my case with extreme urgency and always kept me informed of everything going on. Any questions I had, she was always there to answer those questions and was extremely helpful and just made me feel a part of the family here. I would definitely recommend Kathy McArthur to represent anyone I know that was involved in anything of this caliber. I mean she is just excellent. Definitely, Kathy McArthur, without a question.

Medical Malpractice Testimonials

Case Overview
A pregnant woman suffered from untreated high blood pressure. The doctor in this case failed to provide her treatment and as a result her unborn baby died.

Result: Confidential

My reason for coming to see Miss Kathy was I was misdiagnosed of a problem that was wrong with me and it caused my baby to die. During the mediation she didn’t just settle for less. She fought for what she felt was fair. She’s a fighter and she’s a great attorney. She really cares and she’s going to make sure that you get treated fairly. She’s a – she’s a great fighter. I would highly recommend Miss Kathy McArthur to friends and family or anyone who was injured and needed help.
– Shania Lucas

Case Overview
Our client’s spouse passed away from a needle infection.

Case Details
Medical Malpractice

Result: Confidential

I would not hesitate to tell anyone to call the McArthur Law Firm.
– Martha James