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Individuals are entitled to compensation for harm inflicted due to recklessness or oversight on our highways and streets. Georgia laws permit taking legal actions to recover against those responsible for a car wreck that results in injuring others due to driving errors, distractions, or (possibly) traffic crimes, like DUI or hit and run.

If you’re seeking a “results qualified” car accident Augusta GA today, who will aggressively litigate for you in Augusta, Georgia, Kathy McArthur (and her experienced legal firm) bring over a century of litigation experience to the table. During those many years, she and her other attorneys have collected $450 million for their clients. Contact one of our Augusta car accident injury lawyers if you need help with a serious injury motor vehicle crash caused (or mostly the fault of) one or more other drivers.

Learn more about the McArthur Law Firm and its available Augusta GA auto accident attorneys, who also handle several other types of complex litigation, as set forth below. The laws of Georgia are the same, whether in Augusta GA, Atlanta GA, or Macon GA.

Car Crash Verdict 15 Million

While she has office locations in three Georgia cities, fewer than 10% of their cases are litigated within those cities. She has traveled to over a dozen other states and to all corners of Georgia to help those who need her expertise and tenacious litigation skills. The goal — in all cases — is to recover maximum compensation and pay all medical expenses.

About the McArthur Law Firm

Kathy McArthur is a top-rated Georgia personal injury lawyer. She and her firm’s litigation attorneys have helped citizens in all corners of the Peach State. A Georgia lawyer since 1980, she has skillfully litigated accident and injury cases in courts across Georgia and in several other states too, she starts her 45th year of litigation on June 11th of this year.

Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Katherine McArthur

Unlike many attorneys in Augusta GA who handle ALL accident cases, the McArthur Firm limits their legal work to cases involving serious bodily injury or wrongful death. The reason for limiting their time to these more serious cases is two-fold:

  1. property damage-only cases can usually be settled by the uninjured car or SUV owner. Insurance companies will pay for that damage, rather than risk having to pay lawyers to fight over values.
  2. the more serious cases take substantially more time to wrap up. Thus, our time needs to be focused on the cases for which our advanced skills are needed.

So, unless a person has suffered some scarring, broken or fractured bones, dislocated joints, loss of use of part of their body, possible amputation, traumatic brain injury, broken bones or damaged organs, our Augusta attorneys will likely decline to take your case.

Car Accidents in Augusta and Surrounding Areas

When the worth of a personal injury case is in the multiple hundreds of thousands or in the multi-millions, such cases can last for many months or even years. The time allotted to such cases can be considerable, and usually involves 2 or 3 of our Firm’s legal warriors. Now you know HOW and WHEN to contact the McArthur Firm for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been seriously injured.

Motorcycle, Truck, SUV, and other Car Accidents

At McArthur Law Firm, an Augusta GA auto accident lawyer will prioritize our clients’ urgent and crucial claims for medical attention, rehabilitation, and recovery of lost wages. Our Augusta lawyers know that quick action and individualized attention are necessary in these stressful and confusing situations.

Multiple steps to protect and preserve evidence vital to your case must be taken, and (if possible) this will be done immediately after the crash. Getting car wreck reconstruction experts out to the scene for purposes of examining the crash site, gathering any physical evidence, measuring skid marks and fluid trails, and sometimes using drones to capture a full view of the crash scene are important.

Additionally, identifying nearby video surveillance cameras can be a critically important part of our claim. These tapes often are taped over within 2 weeks to one month, so “time is of the essence” in many cases.

If insurance company attorneys and adjusters do not communicate in good faith to acknowledge our settlement offer, our Atlanta car accident attorneys will be prepared to go to trial.

Katherine McArthur Top 10 Attorneys in Georgia 2019 through 2024

When a Trucking Accident Attorney is Needed

When it comes to handling cases involving truck accidents, it is highly important to retain an attorney who has handled multi-million dollar truck crash cases. These types of incidents can lead to devastating consequences, such as severe injuries or even fatalities.

McArthur Law Firm has a proven history of results for such major civil litigation cases where catastrophic injury or death have occurred. By focusing on the truck’s driver and his or her log records, negligence can often be shown.

Due to the grievous injuries that heavy commercial vehicles cause, many cases needed greater financial resources to handle the immense expenses resulting from the incident. Only by having a full financial recovery can victims obtain full justice and the financial award they deserve and will need for years to come.

What If Medical Malpractice Occurred During the Victim’s Hospitalization?

Individuals have the right to seek compensation if they have not received the proper standard of care that is considered acceptable for the medical treatment they underwent with a state-certified medical professional or hospital. Whether the malfeasance came from misdiagnosing a car crash victim or from giving the wrong dose of medication damages can sometimes result in life-changing health problems as a result of the medical treatment.

In Georgia, fewer than half of 1% of all attorneys have ever gone to trial on medical malpractice cases. Kathy McArthur has tried many of these cases. She also (in prior med mal cases) has contacted numerous medical experts who will provide expert testimony to outline the failure to adhere to the standard of care required in medical cases.

In some cases, the individual may also require additional operations or medical interventions to address the issues caused by the substandard medical care. If seeking compensation in these situations can help our clients, we also have vast experience in medical malpractice lawsuit cases.

It is important for individuals to understand their rights and options for seeking compensation to cover a full health recovery, if available in these cases. In some instances, though, the heartbreaking loss of a loved one in a fatal accident in Augusta GA, sometimes leads to a wrongful death action being filed. If you need a medical malpractice lawyer Augusta, GA call us for a FREE consultation at our toll free number, 1-855-WARRIOR [1-855-927-7467]

Car Accident Lawyers in Augusta

Product Liability Claims Sometimes Arise in Unexpected Places

An experienced product liability lawyer can help you understand the relevant time limit in your area, making sure you don’t lose the opportunity to assert your legal rights. Kathy McArthur has served as a product injury lawyer near me for more than 44 years and can help those who have sustained a serious injury from a defective food item or product.

Believe it or not, some medical products fail, and result in additional surgeries to repair or retrieve the failed product. For example, many women have had to undergo surgeries for vaginal mesh failures in the last two decades.

Why Choose the McArthur Law Firm

When McArthur Law Firm (MLF) accepts a case, our law office’s legal professionals and investigators dedicate themselves to delivering personal attention and making all possible efforts to apply a high standard of legal justice to our client’s life. Our firm does this by diligently investigating and preparing the case, in order to optimize the full value of the personal injury claim, and by leaving no stone unturned.

Accident and Injury Lawyers in Augusta, GA

Our firm accepts a limited number of accident and serious injury cases to make sure our law professionals can assertively and comprehensively advocate for total justice for every one of our valued clients. Once you contact the McArthur Law Firm, you’ll see how these injury attorneys are very devoted to doing things right.

Our attorneys in Georgia start by looking into your case thoroughly. Kathy McArthur and her group of litigation lawyers will comprehensively investigate all aspects of your personal injury claim needed to prove fault, as well as determine the total of all insurance policies possible to obtain compensation for your losses.

Meet The McArthur Law Firm

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers near Macon are fully versed in the regulations and laws surrounding personal injury claims in the state of GA and are committed to helping our clients seek justice and rightful compensation for their losses.

McArthur Law Firm Augusta Auto Accident Attorneys

If you (or a close family member) were injured as a result of carelessness, why wait any longer? Evidence can disappear over time. Get in touch with your Augusta personal injury lawyer from MLF by calling NOW to take advantage of your 100% FREE legal consultation. See the toll free number below and call us.

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