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Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Accidents

Do you know what insurance coverage you actually have? Unfortunately, most people only get the state minimum coverage and forget about it until they have a car accident. As uninsured motorist accident attorneys, we see car wrecks every day. In many cases, drivers and passengers cannot get their damages paid because the other driver did not have insurance and they did not have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage on their policies. A common myth among people is “full coverage” includes uninsured motorist coverage, but it does not.

Georgia Car Crash Lawyer Explains Why You Need U.M. Insurance

If you have any questions regarding your car insurance policy, or if you had an uninsured motorist accident, reach out to the McArthur Law Firm. We deal with these types of cases every day. We will review your policy, investigate the accident and pursue the other driver at fault. Our attorneys want to help you gain the maximum amount of recovery possible. With offices in Macon and Atlanta, we provide legal services to drivers involved in underinsured or uninsured driver accidents. We help clients throughout Georgia, including Albany, Columbus and Atlanta. We also represent Savannah, Augusta and Warner Robins residents in car accident claims.

Does Georgia Require Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Georgia requires that insurance companies offer UM coverage in every policy, but the law allows policyholders to waive this coverage. Oftentimes, people purchasing insurance do, in fact, waive UM coverage. They could do so either inadvertently (because they just sign a bunch of paperwork without carefully reading it) or because they are concerned with the cost of the premiums.

As car accident lawyers, we see many cases where a person did not realize their coverage would not include their own and their passengers’ personal injuries if the other motorist at fault had no insurance, or if their coverage was inadequate. If the other driver had only the minimum amount of insurance and caused a brain injury or spinal cord injury, the coverage amount will almost certainly not be enough to protect the people harmed.

Purchasing UM coverage is the only way to protect yourself and your passengers after a car accident with an uninsured motorist. It could otherwise leave you uncompensated for medical bills and other harm.

Need A Car Wreck Lawyer To Review An Uninsured Motorist Accident And Your Insurance Policy?

When you come in for your free consultation after a car wreck, bring your own insurance policy and any other information you may have. This may include the police report of the crash and the other driver’s insurance information (if it exists and if you were able to get the policy name and number). We will discuss your legal options for your own insurance policy, for the other driver’s policy and for a possible personal injury lawsuit. After your free consultation, you are under no obligation to hire our firm.

We do not back down in tough cases. We represent clients involving claims for UM coverage. If in doubt about a policy before or after an accident, contact us. We will look at your policy and explain what coverage is available to you and what that coverage means. Call 404-565-1621 or fill out our online car wreck form to have someone from our office get back to you. We practice nationwide.

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