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By: Accident attorney Atlanta Kathy McArthur, a Georgia Super Lawyer for 19 years and their 2024 Cover Story Lawyer

Serious injury and death cases require top quality legal representation. This is why you should take advantage of our FREE consultation, because (in doing so) you are talking with a top-rated Atlanta personal injury law firm that has “been there and done that” in thousands of prior cases, over the last 44 years.

First, because if we accept your case, you can sleep soundly again, because we will not quit until your best possible case result is obtained through a settlement or at a jury trial. Second, if our Firm is unable to take your case, our legal team member can typically suggest a different personal injury law firm that will be able to litigate your case for you to speak to for a second opinion.

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Katherine McArthur

First, let’s talk about types of various types of injury litigation cases (e.g., vehicle accident cases) our legal firm does NOT handle. If only property damage is involved, or minor injury to the client or passengers, we decline such cases.

The reasons for this are many, but our attorneys’ time management is number 1 in importance. In our law office, our median recovery amount (in the very serious injury or wrongful death cases) will be 20 to 100 times greater than the usual recovery in minor accident cases.

A minor car crash case may take 3 to 5 hours of a TV ad lawyer or billboard attorney’s time, with all other time spent by paralegals. Our cases require hundreds, or even thousands, of attorney hours, so now you understand the type of legal matters we handle. Our cases litigated by our team of attorneys focuses its attention and resources on major case, when broken bones, scarring, burns, loss of any eye or arm, brain damage, disabling injury or death have occurred.

Should you desire our Office’s personalized attention and diligent efforts to optimize the worth of your case, let’s have a conversation. At MLF, we are committed to putting in genuine work on authentic personal injury cases. Our firm handles a limited number of cases to ensure we can fiercely advocate for the clients we represent.

If you have been injured in an accident in Atlanta, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney in Atlanta Georgia to help you navigate the legal process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Many personal injury law firms are located in Atlanta to choose from, so it is important to do your research and find the right one for your case.

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When searching for a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, check their experience, success rate, and how they handle cases. Find lawyers in Georgia with lots of experience in cases like yours. If they haven’t proven they can win highly complex cases for their clients before, keep searching for a different lawyer.

In addition, consider the reputation of the law firm as well as the background and “attitude” of the top lawyer who leads the Team. She or he will be the person who “sets” the standards and has built the culture of this Firm’s attorneys in GA. You should find and read over client reviews and testimonials to get a sense of the quality of the Law Firm’s work and their level of client satisfaction.

When selecting a personal injury law firm in Atlanta, consider your requirements and likes. Explore different choices and perhaps arrange meetings with several attorneys to identify the most suitable one for you and your injury or accident lawsuit. Hiring a lawyer with top credentials as your auto accident lawyer Atlanta will protect your rights and help you get the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Unlike taking a “mulligan” (second shot) in golf, you only have one chance to maximize your financial recovery in your injury or wrongful death case. So, because this effort must be our maximum effort for you, 100% attention to detail in your car accident case or slip and fall injury case is demanded.

Why Clients Rate our Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys as a Top Legal Office in Georgia

McArthur Law Firm’s eight legal warriors focus on our jobs as if we were representing our own family members. Unlike the billboard and TV ads hawking a variety of lame themes and claims, our office opts to NOT advertise on billboards nor to pay for and run annoying and “intelligence-insulting” TV ads.

By focusing on being professional and performing quality legal services, our legal professionals are happy to handle a limited number of cases and dedicate our focus and resources toward achieving the best results for each of our Law Office’s clients. The recoveries, so far, exceed $450 Million for prior clients, which will be in the top 1% of all Georgia personal injury law firms.

Because the McArthur attorneys have taken this approach versus barking out a slogan at a television camera, lawyer ratings services and surveys of other attorneys in our line of work place our legal team at the top echelon of litigation attorneys. This applies to Plaintiff’s personal injury, wrongful death legal actions, products liability lawsuits and class actions, and premises liability injury and death cases.

As proof of the top legal industry “rankings,” Mrs. McArthur was tapped to be their 2024 Super Lawyers’ Cover Story attorney. Multiple other McArthur lawyers were also named to the 2024 Super Lawyers list.

Katherine Lee McArthur Super Lawyer Atlanta GA

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys will go the extra mile to investigate every case detail, gather all available evidence, and bring our team together to strategize on the path for each case to proceed. The collective knowledge, experience and insight of our hand-picked team is what separates us from other firms that have lawyers starting and then leaving their law firms.

When a defendant does not offer to pay the full value of your case without litigation, our fully prepared team will “put your best foot forward” at a jury trial. The beauty of letting a jury come to a decision is that 12 honest people who have families and jobs just like you will almost always “do the right thing.”

Plus, our well-known reputation for demanding trials and winning very large verdicts makes the insurance company lawyers very anxious if their “low-ball” offer to settle was doubled (or more), sometimes leaving that insurance company attorney out on the street looking for a new job. When you sign up with MLF for our representation, insurance firms and their team of defense attorneys understand that we mean business and will not “throw in the towel” on an insurer’s insufficient low-ball offer to settle.

The personal injury lawyers at MLF are renowned for securing exceptional outcomes for our clients in trials. In addition, our legal team members have been acknowledged by Super Lawyers as “Rising Stars” when they were younger, and then as “Super Lawyers” later.

Top Rated Personal Injury Law Firm Atlanta GA

Martindale (formerly known as Martindale-Hubbell) has been around since 1868. It was the first American lawyer rating service, long before the Internet exploded with attorney ratings services. You will find our partners ranked at the very top ratings by Martindale.

U.S. News and World Report also launched a lawyer screening service that they denominated “Best Law Firms in America.” McArthur Law Firm has repeatedly been tapped for their annual recognitions.

When you call MLF, you’ll be speaking with a skilled and trained personal injury lawyer, not a paralegal or receptionist. Our client reviews provide you with detailed testimonials about our “approach” to fighting for our clients. The legal warriors at MLF value building lasting relationships with families and individuals they assist.

If we don’t win, you don’t pay. Our Atlanta injury attorneys also review your case for free. Once we accept your case, we advance all case costs, that can sometimes exceed $100,000, in complex cases like medical malpractice and product liability cases.

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If MLF doesn’t win your case, you don’t owe us anything. Our legal fee is a percentage of the money our firm obtains for you in your case. This is how our law team of personal injury lawyers Atlanta GA handles each case for every client.

Rideshare Company Lawsuits after an Uber or Lyft Crash

McArthur Law Firm Personal Injury Law Firm Atlanta Georgia

If you’re in a rideshare accident, our lawyers can help. Our 8 car accident lawyers understand the special protections for passengers and drivers.

Premises Injuries or Death Cases: A Slip and Fall Attorney Atlanta or Negligent Security Case

Each year, slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death. For example, in 2021, 44,686 people died in falls at home and at work. A substantial number of trip and fall incidents also happen while people are shopping at a commercial property owner’s business.

If you or a family member suffers a serious injury or a death in a slip and fall case, or due to a business’s negligent hiring, or negligent security inside or in outside parking areas, these are cases our law firm handles. Because so much is going on inside big box commercial establishments (i.e., Walmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc.) when a serious bodily injury is suffered (or a wrongful death) you will need a top-ranked personal injury attorney in Atlanta Georgia.

Be aware that not every slip and fall lawyer Atlanta case is “winnable” since some patrons (who may have fallen) could have been walking at full speed while looking at the cell phone, instead of their path ahead. When the person tripped (due to not looking where they were going), this event will often be captured on interior security camera footage at that business (e.g., a Home Depot).

Minor trips and falls are not what our Firm handles. Yet, when life-altering injuries are incurred on business premises (like fractured elbows, a dislocated shoulder or hip, or traumatic brain injury of any type) these are the types of cases for which substantial recovery is possible.

Especially for victims of traumatic brain injuries, spinal injury or a broken coccyx bone or back will have special need for a maximum recovery, since regaining full mobility and functionality may never occur. Contact our personal injury attorneys Atlanta GA for our help with such life-altering personal injury claims.

Also, if the victim of a crime on business premises, these can be viable claims. A commercial business that INVITES the public to trade with them has a DUTY to keep the premises SAFE. This includes parking lot areas of that business. If you or a loved one was a victim of a crime at such business premises, and was injured or killed, call us now.

Causing Injury or the Wrongful Death of Pedestrians

If you (or a family member) were injured or killed in a roadway incident, this is usually due to the negligence of a motor vehicle driver. Some occur at intersections, and some happen in crosswalks. In some cases, our client was not using a crosswalk, but crossing a roadway and was grievously injured or killed.

For any wrongful death lawsuit, only highly experienced legal professionals need to be litigating such all-important claims. When caused by a preventable dangerous condition (e.g., a heavy boxed staked on a high shelf that topples over and lands on a business patron), these are very important and significant claims for which only “one shot” at winning will be available.

McArthur Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers in Georgia

In all of the above examples, MOST of these cases are likely to be the type of case that our legal team would accept and also will likely be able to recover substantial damages. Since we travel Statewide in Georgia, call us and we will come to your location if you are disabled or cannot come to our office.

This recovery can assist in offsetting the client’s medical costs, lost income, distress and discomfort, and other losses incurred from the accident. Our team of experienced lawyers is skilled in managing personal injury cases related to pedestrians who have suffered injury or death. Navigating the legal process to ensure that the victim or family members receive the full and rightful compensation they deserve is our task.

Contact us for a free consultation. Dial 404-565-1621 to talk with a lawyer. Our legal professional can discuss your situation and see how we can help you seek justice and fair compensation for your injuries.

The MLF team of attorneys are committed to diligently collecting proof, negotiating with insurance firms, and, if required, standing up for you in court to defend your rights.

Trucking Accident Law Firm Atlanta GA

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta with The McArthur Law Firm

If you were hurt in an Atlanta accident (or anywhere within the Peach State), talk with one of our skilled personal injury lawyers today. The Atlanta car accident attorneys at McArthur Law Firm think you should get the most money possible for your injuries.

Our attorneys may be able to help you reduce any medical costs. Plus, we will stay apprised about your physical recovery post-accident.

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