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Injured in Macon Accident? Seeking top-rated lawyers in Macon Georgia?

If you are in a car accident in Macon GA or nearby areas in central Georgia, our Macon attorneys can help. Our car accident lawyers near me in Macon will investigate, negotiate, and file a lawsuit if needed to help you recover from your injuries.

More about our Macon personal injury attorneys. Our Macon personal injury lawyers have been recognized in Super Lawyers Magazine for 2024, with Kathy McArthur being named as the 2024 Cover Story attorney from among all law firms in Georgia, not just in Macon.

Our Macon Georgia attorneys were chosen out of 13,100 other legal professionals in Georgia. Best of all is our FREE consultation to EVERY seriously injured person or for family members wanting information about a wrongful death legal action for their lost family member. Of all other attorneys near me in Macon Georgia, she is the first ever to make Super Lawyers’ cover story.

A Macon personal injury law firm for nearly 45 years. Representing clients that suffer from car accident injuries is the specialty legal practice area of our Macon lawyers at McArthur Law Firm (MLF). On June 9th, the injury lawyer GA reaches her 45th anniversary of being a Georgia lawyer.

Kathy McArthur Accident Lawyer in Macon GA

Mrs. McArthur, a personal injury lawyer Macon has had the honor of representing thousands of plaintiffs since 1980. Her assistance to thousands of Georgians has enabled thousands of Georgians to successfully navigate our State’s civil justice system, along with help from her other 7 Georgia personal injury attorneys.

Accident Lawyers in Macon: $450 Million for Our Injury Cases

These former clients have been well compensated for having to undergo surgeries, and endure pain and suffering (and possibly much more harm), all from the negligent acts of others. This article is dedicated to the other legal professionals at MLF who are attorneys in Macon GA and have assisted her obtain those amazing outcomes.

Additionally, Partner Caleb Walker, a Super Lawyer in his own right, has earned the reputation for being the best car accident lawyers near me in Macon when it comes to authoring trial briefs (i.e., written legal arguments citing Georgia laws) to help our accident lawyers in Macon GA come out on top in Court for our Firm’s car accident victims.

Caleb Walker Accident Lawyer in Macon GA

In a medical malpractice case, huge medical treatments and the associated medical bills are common. When the injured person is also having lost wages, this is a “perfect storm” of a financial disaster.

This is why it’s crucial to engage highly rated accident attorneys in Macon early in the progression of this case. Georgia laws impose “deadlines” (statutes of limitations) after which you can no longer file suit, so DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

When Law Enforcement Advises That the Other Driver Is Uninsured, What Happens?

In Macon, Georgia, drivers must have basic, minimum auto liability insurance. If they don’t, this is a misdemeanor CRIME, and the driver is personally responsible for all the different damages that were caused by the accident.

In addition, by notifying the Georgia Department of Driver Services, the uninsured motorist can be banned from driving until and unless he or she signs an agreement to pay back your damages and follows through with these payments. Macon car accident attorney near me  Quintesha Reynolds has helped many clients with this recovery from their uninsured motorist benefit from our client’s policy.

Quintesha Reynolds Accident Lawyer in Macon GA

Also, from your OWN insurance company, our client usually has what is termed “uninsured motorist coverage.” If our client has this special type of insurance coverage, your OWN policy can pay your claim, and then your insurance company can be subrogated (put in your place) to collect from the uninsured driver.

Throughout that time, she and her team of injury and accident lawyers in Macon are now closing in on HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in recoveries. (See some of those case-by-case numbers here.) One of her other trial partners, Jessica Edmonds, has teamed up with Mrs. McArthur to litigate several multi-million dollar verdict cases.

Jessica Edmonds Accident Lawyer in Macon GA

Our client uses her or his financial recovery to pay medical expenses and replace past wages that were lost and future earnings that can no longer be expected after serious bodily injuries. A short list of a few types of cases and the related recoveries, see this list below.

While previous results are unique to those cases, showing you our prior command of personal injury law issues similar to yours. Financial outcomes in those other cases depended on the assets of the defendant, and possibly the amount of liability insurance the responsible parties had to fall back on.

How A Macon Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Most injured Georgians are confused and bewildered when it comes to knowing their legal rights after an accident. The most critical duty of an injured person is to seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY because this protects some accident victims from possibly dying (e.g., from a slow bleed within their brain from a traumatic brain injury).

In addition, the documentation of the medical examination establishes the proof that will later be needed for your car accident lawyer Macon GA to build your personal injury case. These diagnostic records and recommendations (along with police reports and eyewitness statements) help form the “facts” from which your McArthur legal team can move forward.

It’s best to have a Macon car accident lawyer who can guide you through the legal process after a car accident in Macon, Georgia. Our law team will help your family file personal injury claims as the first step to recover a full and fair case settlement or obtain that by jury trial verdict.

Our goal is to maximize the amount you receive in damages to cover immediate and ongoing expenses for you and your family. Among other crucial expenses will be the healthcare bills, extended care or rehab expenses, and lost income to recoup.

Top 10 Accident Lawyers in Macon GA

Which Injuries Are Covered By My Claim?

The lawyers at McArthur Law Firm assist our clients in obtaining compensation for bodily injuries, their pain and suffering, and any medical conditions or surgeries resulting from roadway (or other) type of accident. If your injuries are a result of a car accident, they will be included in our claim.

You might experience certain injuries during your car accident, such as:

  • Bruises, cuts, dislocations, or fractures (e.g., a skull fracture).
  • Injuries to the back or neck, including those resulting from whiplash derived from a rear-end impact.
  • Traumatic amputation in a crash.
  • Burns or scarring caused by the crash.
  • Temporary and permanent cognitive impairments or permanent loss of normal brain function

McArthur Law Firm Accident Lawyers in Macon GA

A Partial List of Types of Crash and Wreck Cases Our McArthur Attorneys Have Handled

Partner Jordan Josey also has helped clients suffering injuries from negligent, distracted drivers who were texting while driving or looking at the cellphone and not the roadway. Talk to him today about your case before you consider other Georgia law firms.

Jordan Josey Accident Lawyer in Macon GA

Our Macon Car Accident Lawyer Teammates Are Standing By

By working with Kathy McArthur’s award-winning legal team of hand-picked legal warriors, you and your loved ones will be in the experienced and capable hands of some of the best accident lawyers in Macon. MLF’s GA injury attorneys have over a century of COMBINED legal experience.

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The very essence of our jobs is to support and advocate for car crash and trucking fatality victims. You will not pay us a dime when we take your case and pursue your civil justice claim with our MLF lawyers. All case costs are paid by MLF, to be recouped when the case is settled.

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