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Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta: GA Personal Injury Lawyers

When a tragic and disruptive event leads to a serious injury or wrongful death (e.g., from a car accident) to a person who is an integral member of your family, it seems that time stands still. Beyond highway tragedies, many other locations may be the site of a child’s injuries, at a daycare facility, or at a sporting event venue, a concert, a restaurant or at a public or private school.

After a turbulent and unsettling event in a family’s life has resulted in a previously productive and active family member having her or his life seriously altered (or ended). That person’s loved ones then start to focus on how to recoup the emotional toll and the financial damages (from medical care costs including hospital bills and rehab expense, lost wages, etc.) that this has caused.

Some of the types of online searches that many citizens in Georgia perform may include queries similar to these:

McArthur Personal Injury Trial Win

When McArthur Law Firm (MLF) accepts a case, our Law Office’s legal warriors and investigators dedicate themselves to providing personalized attention and making all possible efforts to bring a measure of legal justice to this client’s life. Our team does this by thoroughly investigating and preparing the case, in order to optimize the full value of your personal injury case, and by leaving no stone unturned.

Our firm handles a limited number of serious injury and accident cases to ensure our law professionals can aggressively and comprehensively advocate for full justice for each of our Firm’s clients. Our legal team offers a FREE lawyer consultation to find out the full story so that we will know if this is a case for which we can make a difference for that client, so why not take advantage of that free consultation?

Atlanta Injury Attorney Kathy McArthur: 2024 Super Lawyers Cover Story

Our Firm’s Leader, Atlanta personal injury attorney Kathy McArthur, began her law practice in Macon Georgia in 1980. On June 9, 2024, she starts her 45th year helping those in need of compassionate and sympathetic legal representation.

It is particularly fitting that the national lawyer ratings website, Super Lawyers, named her to be their 2024 featured Cover Story attorney (for ALL practice areas and all City locations) for the Georgia annual magazine. Mrs. McArthur is one of a very small number of female attorneys to grace the cover of the prior Georgia editions. Thomson-Reuters, the world’s largest legal publication company, owns Super Lawyers.

Super Lawyer Katherine L. McArthur Personal Injury Law

For decades, Kathy has been very well known in top-tier Georgia legal circles, due to the many publicized multi-million dollar case settlements and successful trials as a brain injury lawyer and skilled trucking accident lawyer, Kathy did not open an Atlanta office until 2019. Now, both the Macon Law Office and the Atlanta Legal Office have full-time partners and associates at EACH location and are ready to expedite meetings with prospective clients in any part of the State of Georgia, or beyond, in some cases.

The TV & Radio Lawyers versus Professional Personal Injury Attorneys Atlanta Georgia

Let’s talk about Atlanta Georgia personal injury attorneys, and the incessant, overbearing advertising that have replaced TV ads for consumer items like your favorite sugary cola or a shampoo that stops dandruff. Does anyone think that you will find a best personal injury attorney in Atlanta Georgia, by finding him or her on a billboard or 60 second TV commercial?

So, if you are annoyed or offended by the inescapable billboards, radio spots and garish TV ads with the lead-dog attorney seeking ANY and ALL personal injury cases, don’t worry that you’ll ever see our attorneys in these interruptions of your relaxation time. That will never happen with McArthur Law Firm.

Many personal injury law firms prioritize quantity over quality, accepting (and usually quickly settling) as many cases as possible. The genteel, skilled, and accomplished legal firms refer to these law firms and their self-promoters as “mills,” like a processing plant or factory. Is that who you would want to be your Atlanta truck injury attorney, when millions of dollars are at stake?

Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer Katherine L. McArthur

A “mill’s” usual method of operation is to take any and all cases, in order to generate money from volume, and — very often — with a quick turnover. The insurance company’s lawyers know how little money they offer for settlements and how these firms are quick to settle claims.

Any of the Atlanta 6:00 o’clock news channels would consider it a newsworthy story if they allowed the big advertisers to meet that “name” Partner! Plus, who would hire a heart surgeon for their child’s open heart valve replacement procedure, if they saw that medical professional hawking his or her medical skills on television every day and night, yet you never heard a person you know give them a great rating?

If you retain an attorney from MLF expect to be treated with dignity and know that we prioritize getting to know each individual client. Our attorneys for personal injury and wrongful death cases screen every call carefully, and only take cases that need our well-honed skills and legal acumen.

In training each MLF attorney, Atlanta truck accident attorney Kathy McArthur has preached the importance of direct communication between the client and our assigned personal injury attorney. Our lawyers appreciate our clients placing their trust in us and are willing to invest our time to comprehend that Client’s levels of ongoing pain, their worries over financial issues, and their frustration with having been rendered incapable of fully supporting their family and other important people in their lives.

We recognize that our services can significantly affect our clients and their loved ones. Our goal is to be the leading personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, by doing our job to the maximum possible level of professionalism and skill. We pledge to each Client that we will put forth our best effort to achieve this level of client satisfaction.

MLF has law offices in Atlanta, Macon and another satellite office near Warner Robins in Kathleen, GA. Our firm could set up many more local law office locations, but that extra cost of staffing would only make our legal fees more costly, and 95% of our Firm’s clients are comfortable with our willingness to COME TO THEM.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Georgia

In the modern age of desktop Zoom meetings, and cell phone video conferencing, technology now allows us to “meet” clients instantly, face-to-face. But some people do not embrace these types of calls, and we respect that at McArthur Law Firm.

Sample Case Analysis: How to Find an Attorney for Child Injury in Daycare for the Atlanta Metro Counties

To find a qualified and experienced PI attorney (personal injury attorney) for a child injury case in an Atlanta daycare, following these steps should make the job easier. The starting point for these cases is to comprehend the rules and guidelines that these facilities are required to follow.

When the parents sign up for childcare services, a written enrollment form is the contract setting forth the precise rules and regulations at that facility. These standard forms are likely similar among the many Atlanta metro area daycare centers.

Before an incident arose, most parents never sifted through the language and legal obligations for that facility in terms of duties to the parents. Several things relating to daycare centers and their “operational guidelines” need to be pointed out.

The Agreement was drafted by the childcare facility. Yet, a business cannot get a person to “waive” (give up) their rights to be able to litigate cases if negligence or intentional harmful conduct or improper acts took place. State laws are in place that require basic safety and security measures to be put in place and maintained.

These State guidelines are used to make certain that every daycare facility will comply. In addition, that childcare company can’t shirk its possible liabilities for negligent acts or deficient hiring “screening” of workers that work at that facility.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Win

Atlanta daycare injuries. So, if a child gets injured or assaulted at the facility, and the company tries to disclaim liability, do not just accept that answer. Immediately get the child examined by medical experts at a nearby hospital or emergency room. Pediatricians, emergency room doctors, or possibly a social worker may be able to give you some more information.

In addition, most quality daycare facilities have interior cameras recording almost every square inch of the facility. You need to get a copy of that footage immediately. If denied access to it, you need to contact police to assist you ASAP.

Narrowing Down your Choices for Injury Lawyers Near Me: Free Lawyer Consultation

The analysis process above will enhance your probability of securing a competent attorney to advocate for your child’s rights and pursue damages. One reason our legal team always provides a no-cost initial meeting is that we are confident that you will see that our open and caring approach will help calm your worries.

Arrange meetings with potential lawyers to discuss their expertise, track record, strategy, charges, and payment setup for child injury lawsuits. When choosing a lawyer for a child injury lawsuit, consider their online lawyer ratings, interpersonal skills, and their ability to understand the emotional turmoil this incident has placed in your family’s life.

However, when our client is too injured for those types of meetings, we have no hesitance to drive to your home, hospital room or family member’s residence. In addition, many of our clients do not LIKE video conferencing, and our lawyers respect that opinion and will drive to any location desired by the client for a face-to-face meeting.

Personal Injury Trial Win

In conclusion, our law professionals can meet with you anywhere in Georgia. This could be your dining room table, at a medical facility, or in a restaurant close to your residence, if you prefer.

Meeting with our legal team costs you nothing. If your case is one that we accept, you will not owe us one penny until and unless we collect money for you from the at-fault parties. Our law office advances your case’s investigative costs and case preparation expenses, which will be settled with you when the cases are concluded.

Some clients prefer having female attorneys, injury Atlanta professionals helping them. Others want a male attorney. Our firm can provide your choice if that makes a difference to you.

If we’re unable to accept your daycare injuries case for any reason, we usually can recommend another personal injury law firm that can review the case and decide if your legal action is one that they would be willing to take. Wait no longer to take this first step in the path of your “recovery.”

Dial 404-565-1621 for immediate help.

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