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Personal Injury Lawyer Macon GA: A Top Law Firm in Macon, GA

Our attorneys near me in central Georgia take every prudent step needed to positively impact your civil justice case. Kathy McArthur, who leads the Firm and built her Team, is a personal injury lawyer in Macon, GA. She has been practicing for over 44 years and now leads a legal staff of award-winning lawyers.

The Super Lawyers 2024 “Cover Story” attorney in Georgia, Mrs. McArthur now has law office locations for the Firm’s trial attorneys in Atlanta, Macon, and the Warner Robins area. Despite her senior partner status, she is actively involved in all of the Firm’s accident and injury cases.

Kathy McArthur Personal Injury Lawyer Macon GA

Macon personal injury and Founding Attorney Kathy McArthur and her other legal professionals have successfully litigated every kind of personal injury Macon case, including these types of civil litigation cases:

Our Firm is where to call if you need a personal injury attorney Macon GA who can handle serious injury cases related to accidents on someone else’s land, or possibly for a trip and fall serious injury case due to a hazard that existed on the property. Plus, animal attacks like a dog bite case are actionable, meaning that (in most cases) you can sue if disfigured or seriously hurt by a pet that was not properly restrained.

More commonly, potential clients call us for a Macon auto accident attorney after a motor vehicle crash. They need someone who will track down witnesses and obtain video camera footage (where available) and all witness statements while memory is still “fresh.”

When you hire a Macon GA personal injury lawyer with our legal warrior team, he or she can instruct a photographer or a drone operator with a video camera in order to take pictures or videos of the accident report. If any “real-time” video footage can be located, this evidence can be highly valuable, so acting immediately after a wreck is your best bet to secure this type of evidence.

The Litigation Partner that Leads Many Trial Cases: Jessica A. Edmonds

Macon auto accident attorney Jessica Edmonds is a partner in the Firm. Among the personal injury lawyers in Macon GA, her track record for record-breaking jury trial verdicts puts her in the top five actively practicing civil case litigators at law firms in Macon GA.

Jessica Edmonds Personal Injury Lawyer Macon GA

Investigations conducted in the Peach State by a trained accident reconstruction expert are used to advise about the degree of liability of the various parties. Each assessment of fault depends on the case facts, physical evidence, and (to some extent) from the police report and witness statements.

The quality of the investigation hinges on the expertise of the crash reconstruction expert used by our office. A major component of “accuracy” often turns on how soon after the injury or accident the investigator gets to the accident scene and later reviews the crush damage to all vehicles.

Associate Quintesha Reynolds (left image) and Partner Jordan Josey (right image) are also available to meet with you in Macon. Both have been trained by Mrs. McArthur for several years.

Quintesha Reynolds Person Injury Lawyer Macon GA
Jordan Josey Personal Injury Lawyer Macon GA

Occasionally, a Macon GA news car accident story will have some valuable camera footage since reporters race to the scene of any spectacular or deadly wrecks. In addition, Macon Bibb County accident reports Macon GA may sometimes provide helpful information or witness names and numbers.

These injury and accident claims are typically covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, generally. However, some insurers will not insure for pet injuries, where certain breeds of dogs are kept at the home.

The McArthur firm can also handle cases involving mistreatment or abuse in nursing homes or accidents that occur on construction sites. Cases sometimes involve a non-communicative patient who cannot tell our lawyers what happened. For such cases, a detailed physical exam by a medical professional and the related X-rays and other post-injury testing will reveal the physical damage done.

Some Personal Injury Cases That our Accident Lawyers in Macon Handle

Personal injury lawsuits frequently stem from the careless actions of others. This encompasses all types of vehicular mishaps, such as a Macon motorcycle accident, 18-wheeler truck collisions, rear-end collisions causing neck, head, or back issues. For some vehicle passenger’s personal injury claims, the loss is for lost wages, medical treatment cost, or future surgery or permanent disfigurement (such as loss of use of an eye or loss of limb).

A Macon injury attorney who specializes in personal injury Macon cases can handle different types of transportation accidents. These include aviation crash accidents, bike accidents, bus crashes, premises security claims (i.e., for which a person has been sexually assaulted or shot in a commercial business’s store or parking lot or possibly in a hotel room, where security was breached).

Gathering Critical Evidence Quickly before it Disappears is Highly Important

The Varied Litigation Duties of a Macon Personal Injury Lawyer. A personal injury legal firm helping you must gather evidence immediately after the incident to support the plaintiff’s injury or wrongful death claim. This usually involves procuring any police or crash incident report.

For any severe accident or wrongful death case that our legal team at McArthur Firm takes on, there are numerous continuous tasks that our attorneys may opt to employ on behalf of the client or their family. The particular tasks undertaken by a personal injury attorney Macon, GA overseeing the case will vary, though.

But, in 2024, video cameras are everywhere, including in multiple locations inserted around all sides of some high-dollar new vehicles. This highly important real-time evidence needs to be rapidly located and captured, for your case.

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In essence, Mrs. Edmonds, our personal injury lawyer Macon, GA is a committed champion for people who have endured injuries or, in extreme situations, lost their lives due to another’s carelessness. Our attorneys, based in Georgia, offer highly trained legal counsel, case investigation assistance, and can provide direction to aid each of our clients in understanding the intricacies of their specific personal injury lawsuit.

Obtain a free consultation with an experienced accident lawyer in Macon, GA by calling 478-238-6600. Your interview will be with a lawyer at the McArthur Law Firm in Macon, Georgia or can be at either of the other two legal office locations. Plus, if you are home-bound, we can also come to your location.