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Car Accident Lawyer Near Me: Brain Injury Attorney Atlanta

By: Atlanta Injury Attorney Kathy McArthur, 2024 Super Lawyers Cover Story of the Year, leader of an 8-Attorney Legal Team

Car accidents in Atlanta are a daily occurrence. Brain injuries from such collisions, however, are catastrophic injuries in most cases, and that victim’s full recovery is unlikely.

Thus, when such tragedies occur, these are unique and distinct car accident cases, with MUCH on the line. A family seeking legal guidance should only commit such case handling to an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer. Throughout this article “traumatic brain injury” will be shortened to the acronym “TBI.”

A person diagnosed with TBI is a classification of severe personal injuries that distinguishes these claims from other injury types. Compared to injuries to other body parts (leg, shoulder, hand) a brain injury uniquely impacts the victim’s most crucial organ within the human body. A malfunction here in the brain renders the person either fully or partially disabled, even if the entire remainder of that person’s body is healthy and strong.

Brain injuries have the potential to cause long-term or permanent damage, unlike other injuries. Brain injuries can cause long-term impairments in physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning. These brain impairment conditions can range from mild to severe, depending on the extent and location (within the brain) of the existing brain trauma.

A further characteristic that sets brain injuries apart is the broad spectrum of symptoms and impacts these injuries can generate. Depending on the particular region of the brain impacted, those with brain injuries might encounter a range of symptoms, such as migraine headaches, vertigo (dizziness), amnesia, trouble focusing, enduring emotional fluctuations, or exhibiting strange behavioral alterations.

Anyone who has gone through such a tragedy understands the constant unpredictability that is linked with brain damage. Brain injuries can range from very minor injuries to extremely serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Our four most experienced auto accident lawyers are Kathy McArthur, Caleb Walker, Jessica Edmonds, and Atlanta personal injury lawyer Jordan Josey. Any of these legal professionals will be a capable Atlanta car accident lawyer.

Our Car Wreck Law Firm has a Skilled Accident Attorney Near Me for Such Cases

Brain injuries can have a significant impact on the injured person, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. The cognitive and behavioral changes that often accompany brain injuries can strain relationships and necessitate major adjustments in daily life.

Not every car wreck attorney Georgia legal firm will have an accident lawyer in Atlanta with a lengthy history of acting as the Atlanta car accident attorney to recovery the full measure of damages that these cases demand.

Brain injuries can have a significant impact on the injured person, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. In addition to the physical and emotional toll, brain injuries can also have significant financial implications. Without question, only a best car crash lawyer with vast prior experience should be handling such cases.

Some victims can have full or partial paralysis or have numbness (lack of feeling) in some parts of their body. These symptoms are tied to the portion of the brain damage, and will differ significantly with different trauma events.

Often a brain injury incident following a motor vehicle crash creates distinct debilitating problems. Some victims will necessitate having personalized care and full time assistance. In most families, these services would only be available if a person quit her or his job, which then worsens the economic impact on the family unit.

The cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and ongoing care for individuals with brain injuries can be substantial. Moreover, many individuals with brain injuries may be unable to work or may experience a decrease (or total loss) of their earning capacity, leading to financial strain and uncertainty for themselves and their families.

Family members may have to take on new roles and responsibilities to care for their loved one. The cognitive and behavioral changes that often accompany brain injuries can strain relationships and necessitate major adjustments in the entire family’s daily life.

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Immediate medical attention and legal assistance are crucial for individuals with brain injuries due to their unique and far-reaching consequences. Accurate identification, therapy, and aggressive and tenacious legal representation can assist in guaranteeing that they obtain the required care, backing, and financial recovery to steer through the many difficulties and hurdles that lie ahead.

The injuries that result from TBI can be long lasting. Also, even with top doctors weighing in, these claims are sometimes difficult to prove in court, especially when no outward physical distortion, scarring or manifestations of the injury exist.

Brain injuries can result in significant issues with both physical and mental development. This can lead to costly hospital care and lost wages due to an inability to work. In fact, a mild traumatic brain injury can be sustained, yet routine neurological examinations will fail to detect or “show” the injury with modern diagnostic equipment.

At McArthur Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers based in Atlanta, Georgia, are skilled in assisting clients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Motor vehicle incidents like car collisions, trucking accidents with a tractor trailer or heavy passenger vehicle are the most common causes.

Some motorcycle riders, though, can have these catastrophic injuries in a single vehicle motorcycle crash, due to not having a “cage” around them to prevent extreme harm. Occasionally, medical negligence claims are the source of the brain damage.

Why An Atlanta Concussion Attorney is Usually Needed for Head Injury Cases

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur when an individual’s brain suffers damage due to sudden trauma. This can happen when the brain experiences rapid acceleration and/or deceleration, as seen in cases of whiplash or shaken baby syndrome. TBIs can also be caused by the head colliding with another object, such as during a motorcycle or car accident, or from a blow to the head.

This kind of injury is often termed a “closed head injury.” The severity of TBI symptoms can vary from mild to moderate to severe, depending on the extent of brain damage. The individual may face physical, cognitive, and behavioral issues.

The identification and prediction of a patient’s condition with a TBI can be achieved through imaging examinations. X-rays of the neck and skull can be conducted on individuals with minor or moderate injuries to check for spinal instability or bone breaks. A CT scan, a type of imaging examination, might be utilized to inspect moderate and severe TBI injuries.

Patients suffering from a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury can participate in rehabilitation, which may include personalized treatment plans involving occupational therapy, physical therapy, social assistance, speech language therapy, and mental health care.

Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney

Approximately half of the individuals suffering from severe head injuries may require surgical intervention to mend or extract contused brain tissue or burst blood vessels (hematoma). The impairments resulting from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can vary based on the location of the injury within the brain, the severity of the damage, and the overall health and age of the patient. It’s impossible to foresee the potential disabilities that may arise.

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A Partial List of Possible Brain Injury Symptoms Associated  with the Condition

Signs of a serious acquired brain injury may include:

Brain Injury Symptoms
  • Anger, combativeness and agitation, from being frustrated by their “status” or other bizarre behavior that was never shown before.
  • Dilation (enlargement) of one or both pupils.
  • Seizures
  • Regular discharge of fluids from the ears, or nose.
  • Being unable to speak or having slurred or thick-tongued speech.
  • Sensation of frailty of arms, hands or fingers or lack of feeling in toes or fingers
  • Sleeping long periods at a time, apparently from no longer having normal detection of being rested, which resembles being in a coma.
  • Periodic loss of consciousness, or loss of awareness of surroundings, which could last for several minutes or hours.
  • Motor skill changes, such as loss of normal dexterity (for that person) and no longer having good coordination.
  • Headaches are not always a symptom, but many car accident victims regularly suffer from a persistent or pulsating headache.
  • Confusion and disorientation even when in a familiar situation, building or location.
  • Some may suffer from vomiting or nausea due to signals sent from the brain that can trigger vertigo.
  • Convulsions

When looking for a brain injury lawyer in Atlanta, there are important things to think about. When searching for a brain injury lawyer in Atlanta, there are important factors to consider. These lawyers specialize in cases related to brain injuries. Brain injuries can occur due to car accidents, workplace incidents, medical errors, or sports-related incidents.

An Atlanta-based brain injury lawyer is anticipated to possess profound expertise and experience in this particular legal field. They are expected to be proficient in the legal intricacies associated with brain injury lawsuits and comprehend the distinct difficulties encountered by victims and their kin. These legal professionals will have a comprehensive grasp of the medical facets of brain injuries and will collaborate intensively with medical specialists to construct a robust case.

An Atlanta-based brain injury lawyer will offer individualized care and assistance to their clients. They will dedicate time to hear the victim’s account and comprehend the effect of the injury on their existence. They will collect all essential proof, such as medical documents, incident reports, and witness statements, to construct a persuasive case for their client.

These lawyers will also deal with talking and discussing with insurance companies and other people involved. The lawyers will handle communication with insurance companies and other involved parties. They will advocate for their clients’ rights and ensure they receive fair compensation for injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain. If necessary, they will not hesitate to go to court and vigorously fight for their clients. If needed, they will not hesitate to go to court and fight hard for their client.

Moreover, an Atlanta-based brain injury lawyer will offer advice and assistance during the whole legal procedure. They will clarify the legal alternatives accessible to their clients and aid them in making knowledgeable choices. They will also give frequent updates on the case’s advancement and address any queries or worries that might come up.

Besides their legal proficiency, these lawyers typically possess a wealth of resources and support services to aid victims of brain injuries. They can link their clients with healthcare experts, rehab facilities, and support networks to guarantee they get the required care and assistance for their recuperation.

In general, engaging a brain injury lawyer in Atlanta means having a committed and empathetic champion who will relentlessly defend their client’s rights. They offer proficient legal counsel, assistance, and direction throughout the entire procedure, aiming ultimately to obtain equitable recompense and justice for their clients.

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Should you or a loved one have experienced a traumatic brain injury, it’s crucial to contact a seasoned brain injury attorney in Atlanta, GA promptly. You could be eligible for compensation to assist with your medical costs, compensate for lost earnings, and offset other expenses you’ve accumulated due to your injuries.

Contact the personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at McArthur Law Firm to schedule a free lawyer consultation. Each prospective client will always be given a direct conversation with one of our Law Firm’s attorneys.

Because we know the stress and the disruption that these tragic events can cause, our legal professionals will treat your loved one with great care and empathy.

If our legal team members review your case and see a path to follow for obtaining a financial recovery sufficient to ease that aspect of this tragedy, it would be our HONOR to be chosen to be your civil litigation professional. Dial 404-565-1621.

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