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Holly Stephens Truck Accident Attorney in AtlantaBy: Holly Stephens, Michael Thompson and Lindsey Macon, Atlanta truck accident attorneys

In the post-COVID world in which we live, commercial trucks are as common in the United States as cats and dogs. Every major highway and roadway are teeming with the massive and potentially deadly transportation vehicles.

Large commercial motor vehicles like tractor trailer rigs, tanker trucks that sometimes carry hazardous materials, 18 wheeler trucks, and heavy-duty trucks can cause deadly accidents. So, when serious injury or wrongful death claims are the result of a crash, you need to select a tractor trailer accident lawyer with vast prior experience in these cases to handle the case.


This page is intended to let truck accident victims know that all Atlanta car accident lawyers do not possess the decades of experience and outstanding results that our accident lawyers in Atlanta have obtained. A car accident is far simpler and does not generally have the many “other” defendants that also need to be included as defendants in many trucking crash cases.

Seeking a top-rated lawyer for truck accident? On a daily basis, somewhere in America, an innocent citizen may sustain serious injuries or even be killed after a collision with a CMV (commercial motor vehicle).

For those who have been in a trucking accident in Atlanta, Georgia or other part of the Peach State and are seeking the help of an experienced truck accident law firm, then you have come to the right website. Attorney Michael Thompson, truck accident lawyer-attorney with the firm, has been involved in many truck crash cases.

If you are in a truck crash, talk to a lawyer before settling with the insurance company or the truck’s owners. A skilled commercial truck accident lawyer can review the case details and predict how a jury might decide who is at fault.

Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta Lawsuit Settlement $19 Million

Kathy McArthur Truck Accident Attorney in AtlantaAn experienced truck wreck attorney in Georgia can also explain how much compensation you could get if negligence is proven in court. Settling for less that the case’s true value is what happens when a lawyer with minimal experience in truck collision cases tries to “put a value” on a truck wreck case.

If a truck mishap occurs, the driver and the trucking company owner or leasing company could also be accountable for damages (i.e., medical bills and lost wages) and injuries. While all drivers on the roads in all types of vehicles must follow laws, truckers have additional, stricter rules to abide by.

At McArthur Law Firm, (also sometimes referred to as MLF in this article) has a well-trained team of truck accident attorneys in Atlanta ready to assist you in filing a personal injury claim and striving to secure the maximum available financial recovery. With over $450 Million in client recoveries, our Team will not stop short of getting you the full value of your case.

The 8-attorney firm possesses the requisite expertise and training to help clients collect the essential evidence needed to win. Each attorney at MLF was hand-picked by Mrs. McArthur and then trained by her, too. Kathy McArthur, the Firm’s founder, was tapped by Super Lawyers in 2024, to be their Georgia Cover Story Attorney, from among Georgia’s 33,100 attorneys.

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How Trucking Accidents Are Different from Passenger Car Wrecks

Probing into a truck mishap differs from a car mishap. Truck drivers and their firms are subject to specific regulations. Engaging a truck accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, to scrutinize these incidents is crucial.

The attorney will verify if any regulations were violated and compile proof for a lawsuit. While there are numerous laws for all motorists, truck drivers are obliged to adhere to additional rules as laid out in Georgia’s commercial trucking laws. This is not the same procedure as a typical car accident.

Probing into a truck collision differs from a car accident inquiry. Truck drivers and their firms are bound by specific rules. Therefore, it’s vital to engage a truck accident legal representative in Atlanta, Georgia, to manage these situations.

Michael Thompson Truck Accident Attorney in AtlantaThe truck collision lawyer will scrutinize if any state or federal regulation laws were breached by the truck driver or the truck proprietor. Our semi-truck accident law firm’s experts utilize trucking accident reconstruction specialists to gather evidence and pinpoint the reasons for such mishaps, preparing for a potential lawsuit.

Handling a truck mishap requires a different approach compared to a standard car accident. Appointing a legal expert specializing in truck accidents is crucial to ensure the correct procedures are followed to ascertain the facts.

Michael Thompson, commercial truck accident attorney with McArthur Law Firm, has obtained many outstanding case outcomes for clients. In one of his attorney ratings, this is what his client wrote about his skill level:

Michael Thompson Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta Client Review

For example, there are rules that dictate the duration a truck driver can operate a vehicle, the frequency of their rest periods, and the regularity of their drug tests. Drivers may breach these rules by driving longer than permitted or by manipulating their logbooks to meet their stringent delivery schedules.

Additional truck driver mistakes and infringements could also lead to accidents, stemming from the driver’s lack of familiarity with the road or its conditions, substance misuse, distraction, or even exhaustion.

Furthermore, there are regulations that stipulate the maximum weight a large truck can transport, how the cargo should be fastened, and the frequency of truck and system maintenance and inspections. Incorrect truck loading, overloaded trucks, and inadequate maintenance are frequent contributors to accidents on our highways.

How a Trucking Accident Attorney Assists you in Receiving a Maximum Recovery

Irrespective of your decision to accept a settlement from the responsible party or to pursue a lawsuit against them, it’s crucial to have the advice and backing of a trustworthy, respected, and knowledgeable truck accident attorney.

Lindsey Macon Truck Accident Attorney in AtlantaFollowing a devastating truck accident, people in Georgia, like those in any other state, are typically deeply worried about their family, possessions, and personal safety. Here’s how a truck accident attorney can assist you.

A truck injury attorney can help you with legal matters so you can focus on recovering and getting the help you need. They can assist with filing your claim and making sure all necessary information is included.

Lindsey Macon, commercial vehicle accident lawyer is a truck crash lawyer who first learned the “defense” side of these cases by working for a major national legal firm, King & Spalding. That training and defense orientation in all types of cases has served her well when she switched over to be a truck accident lawyer near me in Atlanta, Georgia.

Can I still Obtain Compensation if I am Partially at Fault?

According to this regulation, individuals involved in truck accidents are eligible to seek compensation for their injuries only if they were found to be less than fifty percent at fault for the incident. In Georgia, the laws regarding fault in trucking accidents mandate that the individual responsible for the motor vehical collision must reimburse the victim or their family members for both present and future expenses, as well as any other damages stemming from the event. A seasoned truck accident attorney will meticulously assess the details of the case to ascertain the proportion of blame. In this process, a skilled truck accident attorney might investigate:

  • Whether one of the participants was more culpable than the other
  • If the truck driver or the vehicle operator violated any laws, like failing to stop at a red signal or exceeding the speed limit.
  • The possibility of a third party, like the rig owner being responsible for the accident

Georgia laws uses a modified comparative negligence standard to determine the amount of financial compensation the parties should receive for injuries resulting from a truck accident. According to this regulation, only those victims of trucking mishaps who were less than fifty percent at fault for the disaster leading to their injuries can claim monetary compensation for their damages.

Which Trucking Parties May Be Liable for a Truck Crash?

Frequently, victims of trucking accidents concentrate on filing lawsuits against the careless truck drivers, aiming to obtain compensation from them for lost income, emotional trauma, physical discomfort, and healthcare costs. While that driver is usually partly at fault, the truth is that other defendants may also be partly at fault.

Associate Holly Stephens is also a truck crash attorney with MLF. After having clerked for a federal trial court judge in Texas, her transition into a motor vehicle accident law firm was quite natural.

So, most claims reveal that these other “players” are also liable and need to be included in the litigation. If your trucking litigation firm overlooks adding the OTHER culpable parties in a truck wreck, this could jeopardize your entire claim. Plus, almost always, these other truck business parties and workers may even have deeper pockets than the commercial truck driver.

Types of driving violations by big rig operators that can make them liable for injuries or wrongful death to our clients may include:

a. Drivers who are speeding, distracted, or following too closely are often responsible for accidents.

b. Drivers who speed, are distracted, or follow too closely often cause accidents.

c. Mechanics who don’t bleed brakes could be accountable if the crash was attributable to the driver’s inability to stop.

d. The trucking company owners may be responsible for unsafe vehicles.

e. The loading companies (who must tie down, stack and properly place the cargo in the trailer) could be liable for overloading trucks or not tethering down the loads to prevent shifting and sliding cargo.

f. Truck manufacturers may be at fault for faulty brakes and equipment.

g. Trucking company owners may be held responsible for operating unsafe vehicles. Loading companies could be found liable for overloading trucks.

h. Truck manufacturers (under a product liability cause of action) may be responsible for faulty brakes and automotive defects.

Common Serious Injuries from Truck Crashes

Despite adhering to traffic regulations, drivers of smaller vehicles remain at risk of significant bodily damage in the event of a collision with a large truck or tractor-trailer. These catastrophic and intense crashes can result in severe physical injuries.

Our team of personal injury attorneys is here to help if you’ve been seriously hurt in a truck accident. Our legal warriors limit our cases to such grievous injury or wrongful death cases in GA. Some of the most frequently occurring injuries are:

  • Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta Lawsuit Settlement $20 MillionFull or partial Paralysis
  • Injuries to the victim’s back
  • Injuries to the neck
  • Burns from gasoline or caustic chemicals.
  • Amputation of a limb, hand, finger, or toes
  • TBI – Traumatic brain injury
  • Disfigurement from scarring, road rash, or from sutures to close wounds
  • Injured spinal cord

Typical Reasons for Trucking Collisions in Atlanta, Georgia

Many truck drivers are skilled and dedicated to safety, often participating in ongoing education. However, truck accidents still happen for various reasons. Some common causes include:

Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta Georgia
  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Operating a truck while intoxicated by alcohol or by drugs.
  • Unsafe or poorly maintained roads
  • Faulty vehicle components on the commercial rig
  • Distracted or inattentive driving, usually involving a cell device or person within the cab.
  • Overweight freight loads
  • Exhaustion of the driver
  • Trying to maintain time deadlines and delivery of goods schedules when unexpected slowdowns or stoppage of traffic put the driver behind.
  • Inadequate maintenance and periodic upkeep of the truck, bus or “haz mat” carrier.
  • Inexperienced or inadequate truck driver instruction regarding that vehicle’s automated systems.
  • Unsecured loads of cargo that break lose and shift, sending the truck off the roadway.
  • Mechanical breakdown due to malfunction while on the highway.

Trucking accidents are often caused by carelessness, and not just bad weather. For optimal outcomes your case will require a skilled lawyer to determine those liable and then prove that company’s or person liability.

Deadly Truck Accidents & Wrongful Death Claims

The intensity of injuries from trucking accidents often leads to fatalities. Although no monetary recompense can truly compensate for the tragedy of a deadly collision, the proceeds from a wrongful death lawsuit can offer the survivors the means to reconstruct their lives. Such compensation may encompass:

  • Deprivation of companionship
  • Expenses for burial and funeral
  • Lost potential for inheritance
  • Medical expenses incurred before the death.
  • Loss of anticipated benefits and earnings

In Georgia, some relatives of a deceased person can claim compensation for the person’s “full value of life.” This means they can seek financial support for the worth of the person’s life lost in the accident. Compensation is given to support family members after a loss, including lodging claims for pain, suffering, and expenses.

As per the state legislation, the following individuals may be eligible for such recompense:

  • The spouse of the deceased individual
  • The children of the deceased individual
  • The parents of the deceased individual
  • The executor of the deceased individual’s estate

Submitting a claim can be emotionally challenging for the survivors. A lawyer specializing in truck accidents can assist family members in understanding the law with respect and empathy.

Any error or shortcoming here by your Atlanta car accident attorney can jeopardize your ability to recover. This is why entrusting that litigation to a proven and successful 18 wheeler accident law firm is your best bet to a full value case outcome.

Truck Accident Law Firm in Atlanta McArthur Law Firm

Why Only Trusting an Experienced Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer is the Wise Decision

Georgia is one of the most dangerous states for truck wrecks in the USA. If you are hurt in a truck accident in Georgia, you have a limited time to file a lawsuit. You must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years, and property damage claims within four years of the accident. It is important to contact a truck accident attorney near you as soon as possible.

It is prudent to engage a committed and qualified truck accident attorney who can guide the victim through the extensive and intimidating legal proceedings. Plus, often these cases require identifying whether the company, the driver, or another third party is responsible for causing severe injuries, while striving for the highest and full compensation amount.

Reach out to our McArthur Legal Team for a complimentary consultation regarding your Atlanta trucking accident today. The McArthur Law Firm, located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, is equipped to aid victims or bereaved family members in obtaining compensation from a truck accident. Dial 404-565-1621 to get your free lawyer consultation.