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Automobile mishaps can permanently alter your life and the lives of those you care about. The physical harm, emotional distress, and economic difficulties that result from such an incident can be tough to handle, leading to significant suffering for many individuals and their families.

You didn’t start your day anticipating such a life-altering event, but in the bustling city of Atlanta, this is a common occurrence. Car accidents on I-285 are quite common, both outside and inside the Perimeter around metro Atlanta, with the very severe crashes also being the costliest, in terms of damages. Thousands happen each month in Georgia, with over half of all car accident cases in the 19-county metro Atlanta area.

A crash victim shouldn’t bear the financial burden for another driver’s negligence. An Atlanta personal injury attorney from our team will be skilled at ensuring those who caused you harm are held responsible.

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A highly trained Georgia injury lawyer from McArthur Law Firm will make certain that those liable for your injuries are brought to justice, so contact our experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers at the McArthur Law Firm (MLF) to represent you. In addition, please know that getting our investigators out to the accident scene immediately can make the difference in winning or losing, in some instances.

Why a FREE consultation is ALWAYS available from accident lawyers at MLF. Call our car crash lawyers Atlanta at 404-565-1621 for a NO-COST interview, which is 100% confidential. The PI (personal injury) lawyers at MLF are available to guide you through these case facts to learn about the type of case you have.

The Cases We Accept and Those That We Don’t Take

Should you or a relative sustain severe injuries from a car accident in metro Atlanta, and have endured significant physical harm, our Firm is equipped to handle such cases. At the outset of this article, we want the reader to know that our MLF team does not take every crash case, as the TV advertisers seem to want to accept.

Our accident attorneys do not handle simple “property damage” claims, due to dedicating all of our time to the more serious wrecks. Plus, most car insurers are quick to settle most of these “no-injury” cases at full value anyway, which allows the victim to get all the cash.

When you or a loved one needs compensation to cover grievous injuries (e.g., spinal cord injury, like a herniated disc, which will alter their ability to work, or possibly live with pain), these are our preferred cases to fight. This calamity was created by a car crash or truck wreck in Georgia due to the fault of others (whether 100% their fault or MOSTLY their fault) Georgia injury law has your back.

Our attorneys in Atlanta will evaluate all harm inflicted upon you, not solely those with a monetary value. Severe injuries can bring about substantial alterations in individuals’ lives.

How Our MLF Team of Attorneys Can Help with Your Accident Case Resulting in Injury

At McArthur Law Firm, our Georgia attorneys are dedicated to advocating for individuals who have been personally injured due to the carelessness or irresponsibility of another individual or organization. Our Atlanta personal injury law firm‘s lawyers succeed in cases that others fail to win because we are prepared to invest the necessary time, vigor, and effort to navigate each case through the litigation process.

Calling us BEFORE talking to your insurer can sometimes be very significant. Insurance adjusters or law firms might attempt to manipulate you into providing a statement that can be misconstrued or otherwise negatively impact your potential recovery.

When you know that the case is “significant,” your it is almost always best to have a lawyer manage most of the communication, ensuring you’re not prepared for the many questions you will be asked. Reiterating, if you (or others in your car) were not hurt, you can likely handle property damage without the need for a lawyer.

Kathy McArthur, along with her team of injury and accident attorneys, readies every case for court as they are aware that insurance firms will attempt to retain their funds. When this intensive process is used, our readiness to fight deters auto insurers who owe you money from not “doing the right thing.” Plus, Kathy and her legal professionals will regularly update you on the progress of your case.

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Until We Win Your Case, you Pay No Costs

With absolutely no risk to you, the MLF team puts up all court costs and fees for your lawsuit. We advance these costs because Georgia law allows it, for these types of cases. The Georgia Legislature recognized that such important cases might allow the “at-fault” parties to get off scot-free without this fair method of setting contingency fees.

In addition, our law firm only takes cases that our experienced attorneys have first screened and then determined that a great outcome is likely available to our client. Thus, if MLF does not succeed, you incur no charges, which is a “win-win” for our clients.

When is the Right Time to Consult Car Wreck Lawyers Atlanta?

If you’ve sustained injuries from a car wreck in Atlanta, it’s probable that the insurance firm will propose a settlement, particularly if the other driver is at fault. However, the proposal you receive is likely to be significantly less than what you’re entitled to. Insurance firms are profit-driven entities and aim to disburse as little funds as possible. There are many of these types of secrets that insurance companies don’t want you to know.

Once you agree to their proposal, you relinquish your right to pursue higher compensation for your injuries. Therefore, it’s crucial to engage an Atlanta car accident attorney promptly. Unlike the insurance firm, your attorney will prioritize your interests by meticulously assessing your case and guiding you on the most suitable legal course of action.

Locating the Top Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys is Vitally Important

Our car accident attorneys in Atlanta have observed how car accidents can devastate a client’s life. Auto accident lawyer Atlanta GA Lindsey Macon, a partner at MLF, will help her Firm’s clients seek the compensation they deserve.

Auto accident lawyer Atlanta GA Lindsey Macon

Atlanta auto accident lawyer Michael Thompson is another of the experienced car accident attorneys at the Atlanta Office location. He believes in maximizing the value of every case the Firm works on in order to alleviate clients’ anxiety about the financial and emotional burden a car crash or truck wreck can put on all involved.

Atlanta auto accident lawyer Michael Thompson

The attorneys with the McArthur Firm have won $450 Million in verdicts and settlements since 1980. Plus, our current staff of litigation professionals have over a century of collective legal experience. McArthur Law Firm is recognized as a specialized law firm, implying that we only handle a limited number of cases simultaneously.

As a result, Kathy McArthur and her team of Atlanta car accident attorneys can devote their full attention to your case and strategize on how to win it. Lawyers who work at high-volume firms and advertise on TV and billboards may be working on 10 to 20 minor cases (compared to our one significant case) at any given time. So, how much attention do you think each of those twenty cases get?

McArthur Law Firm $450 Million for our clients via Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta cases

Naturally, every case is distinct. We can’t promise that you’ll receive the full amount claimed. In fact, no lawyer can—if a car accident attorney assures you they can secure a specific settlement amount for your case, it’s best to either run or, better yet, drive away safely.

The resolution or judgment we pursue for you will depend on the specifics of your accident, the damages you incurred, the entities implicated in the collision, and other elements. We will consistently maintain open communication with you regarding the prospects of your case and will collaborate with you to secure the recompense you require and are entitled to.

What You Need to Know about Car Accident Investigations

After an auto accident, both the other driver’s insurance company and your insurance company will start investigating. After a car accident, the insurance companies of both drivers will investigate. Their goal is to pay as little as possible to maximize profits. They may offer you a low settlement.

Insurance firms may request a written or verbal account detailing the accident, the responsible party, and the nature of your injuries – resist this! These companies may manipulate your words, misinterpret your statement, and not allow you sufficient time to evaluate your injuries and seek appropriate treatment.

Visit our MLF blog pages to learn about common myths that car insurance companies tell people. These myths include making low-ball offers and pressuring you to accept quickly. These actions may not be in your best interest.

Georgia Laws on “Who’s at Fault?” in Auto Accidents

Comparative negligence is the legal phrase describing which party bears greater responsibility for a car crash. The comparative negligence regulations under Georgia tort laws permit a jury to determine this issue.

Insurance firms often employ tactics to shift blame onto the other motorist in order to reduce the amount of compensation they have to pay out. By placing the majority of the fault on the other party, the insurance company can minimize its financial responsibility for the damages incurred in the accident.

This can include disputing the facts of the accident, questioning the credibility of witnesses, or even manipulating evidence to support their claim. Ultimately, this strategy is used to protect the company’s bottom line and limit its financial liability in the event of a claim.

If an individual strikes your stationary vehicle, it would be challenging for their insurer to hold you accountable. However, if you were marginally over the speed limit at the time of the collision, the other person’s insurance might attempt to assign some fault to you.

Seeking the Maximum Compensation is Our Marching Order

The legal team at McArthur Law Firm understands that insurance firms will do everything they can to reject or reduce your personal injury claims to avoid paying a significant amount. Regardless of their tactics, our attorneys will strive to secure the highest possible compensation for your distress, encompassing economic, non-economic, and potentially even punitive damages.

A seasoned car accident attorney in Atlanta can assist you in presenting your case. By reducing the percentage of blame attributed to you, you can claim higher compensation for your accident.

If a persuasive argument demonstrates that the other driver is 80% at fault, you can claim 80% of the damages you’ve sought. The remaining 20% will be deducted from the total damages. Importantly, a driver found by the jury to be 50% at fault (or more) will not be eligible for compensation.

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Getting Compensation for Your Car Accident Injuries

In Georgia, if you are less than 50% at fault in an accident, you can still get compensation for your injuries. But the amount you receive will be less if you were partly to blame, but still not the most culpable.

For instance, imagine you’re hit from behind at night while you’re stationary at a red light. You sustain a spinal cord injury, fractured ribs, and a traumatic brain injury. However, one of your rear lights was malfunctioning when the wreck happened.

If a jury determines that you are 15% responsible (at fault) for the accident due to a faulty taillight or another automotive defect, you can still recover. But, since you were found to be 15% percent liable, a slight reduction in your recovery amount will be made, but you will still recover some amount of money.

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If you or someone you care about was hurt in a car crash in Atlanta, MLF can help. If you or someone you know was injured in a car accident in Atlanta, MLF can assist you.

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Our experienced lawyers understand the severity of car crashes and aim to alleviate your financial and emotional burdens. Call now for legal help with your motor vehicle accident case. Our MLF attorneys are here to support you through this difficult time.

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