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Personal Injury Attorney Macon GA: FREE Consultations

People consult injury lawyers to find the right legal representative for their civil justice problem. Our accident and wrongful death lawyers will have important questions to ask potential clients. This ensures that all relevant information is put into that client’s file folder.

No need to worry, because our group of Macon personal injury lawyers at the McArthur Law Firm are rated as one of the best personal injury law firms in the State. The Firm’s focus on excellence enabled us to come to you as a best personal injury litigation law firm, with the national attorney ratings services.

Large truck accident cases. Every Macon truck accident lawyer at our Firm is skilled at recovering large verdicts in tractor trailer cases, when a distracted or negligent big rig operator kills or seriously injures someone else.

All injury attorneys or accident lawyers at McArthur Law Firm understand that every prospective client (or their legal proxy in case of a deadly injury) should anticipate that their legal counsel will promptly engage experts to collect crucial case data.

Our legal group personal injury lawyers in Macon GA hold everyone in our office to a high standard for meticulously covering every detail of each Client’s all-important case. Macon injury lawyer Kathy McArthur personally hired and trained each one.

If you need a personal injury lawyer Macon. Our personal injury attorney Macon, GA legal team of statewide injury attorneys are one of Georgia’s best-rated personal injury law firms.

Personal Injury Attorney Macon GA

How to Select your Macon Injury Law Firm to Fight an Insurance Company’s Lawyers

Our attorneys in Georgia start by investigating your case thoroughly. Kathy McArthur and her team of litigation attorneys will comprehensively investigate all aspects of your personal injury case needed to prove fault, as well as discover the amount of all insurance policies available to obtain compensation for your losses.

Our lawyers in Georgia approach each case by being ready to Fight Your Case in Court. Our GA attorneys for personal injury and wrongful death cases approach every Client’s case from the outset by assuming that the litigation will require a jury trial. In doing this, no stone is left “unturned,” and our GA attorneys will have gathered all credible evidence at the outset of the crash, a medical malpractice claim or wrongful death legal action.

When an insurance adjuster knows that they are facing a law firm personal injury team that does this, they tend to settle most cases for the full value to our clients. Not all personal injury law firms near me follow this same approach.

Why McArthur Law Firm is the Personal Injury Law Firm Macon that You Want

This section can be summed up with one word: EXPERIENCE. Kathy McArthur and her litigation team know the ins and outs of the areas of personal injury litigation that are the most stubbornly litigated by large insurance companies.

After recovering millions of dollars for our clients for over 44 years, our Georgia accident lawyers have successfully handled thousands more car wreck cases than most other car injury law firms. Additionally, like the largest personal injury law firms in the United States, our Firm has also consistently obtained a full recovery in these serious cases, such as:

  • Birth injury lawsuits – Flawed medical care for labor and delivery at a hospital, which is called medical malpractice. Among birth injury law firms in the Peach State, Kathy McArthur’s track record for recovering damages makes her one of the State’s leading personal injury lawyers for such cases.
  • Brain and neck trauma can end a person’s productive life, and our spinal cord injury law firm litigation team knows how to prepare such cases for trial, if needed. Few Georgia law firms handling brain injury litigation will have handled more multi-million dollar “med mal” cases than our McArthur brain injury attorneys.
  • Not every traumatic brain injury lawyer in Georgia has fought these highly important civil cases all the way through jury trials, as our legal professionals have. Among your choices of law firms for brain injury, Kathy McArthur is likely the only
  • Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys. Trucking accidents often occur as a result of big rig truck negligence by the truck driver or even caused by the commercial trucking company (e.g., negligent hiring, negligence loading of the cargo, not repairing a known safety issue, like worn out brakes or bald tires). Plus, the McArthur Firm has successfully handled thousands of wrecks, for drivers or passengers in a SUV, car or possibly in a truck fatality case.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Our car crash attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of motorcycle accident cases, recovering millions of dollars for our clients. However, these motorbike cases often lack sufficient insurance coverage for their bike passengers.
  • Medical Malpractice Litigation. If you believe that you or someone you love has suffered because of the negligence of a hospital, doctor, chiropractor, podiatrist, nurse practitioner, a registered nurse, a nurse anesthetist, or LPN nurse, contact our legal warriors today for a review of your potential case.
  • Nursing Home Abuse or Extended Care Negligence Claims. Due to negligence, nursing homes often injure, neglect or possibly even cause a death of facilities in Georgia that are tasked with caring for elderly or disabled citizens. These cases involving abuse and neglect of Georgia’s elderly and disabled citizens are highly viable cases, since most typical Americans have had one or more family members housed in such facilities.
  • Premises Liability Cases for Injury or Death Claims. Our personal injury attorneys near me have handled hundreds of cases involving a business’ failure to ensure its premises are safe or its failure to provide adequate security. Our GA lawyers can advise you on your rights and then diligently work with you to pursue a favorable outcome.

Unless you assert your right to collect compensation from the negligent party, you will be responsible for your medical expenses, and loss of income. Seeking compensation from them is YOUR legal right. Even if you think you may have had some fault, so long as the other party was mostly responsible, you can recover.

You are entitled to recapturing any lost income or future earning capacity issues that prevent you from being able to fully go back to performing your job duties. Our Georgia legal firm offers statewide coverage of cases, whether in Savannah GA, Columbus Georgia or Athens GA, our attorneys travel the entire state.

Injured individuals can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. The amount of compensation depends on the seriousness of the injuries and their impact on the accident victim’s life. Our attorneys in Georgia know how to gather and organize evidence from your doctors and other treatment providers to determine damages.

A lawyer helps accident victims seek full compensation for financial losses, lost wages, and emotional pain, including “loss of consortium.” Each category of potential recovery (i.e., lost future wages, for example) will be assigned its own dollar value, and be added to your jury verdict, for the amount that the jurors feel would be a fair amount of money.

The # 1 Most Important Issue in Most Cases: Acting Quickly Can Make a Huge Difference

If you (or a loved one) have been seriously hurt (or has died from injuries suffered) you may have a critically important personal injury case. If so, NOT DELAYING THE DECISION to retain skilled legal counsel is of vital importance.

When key evidence “disappears,” the otherwise GREAT case can be diminished in value or maybe not even be a viable case, for those who wait too long. For example, suing a city, county or the State of Georgia requires some pre-lawsuit, written demands to pay, before the suit can be filed.  These are called “ante litem” notices by attorneys.

Legal professionals at our Macon law firm can guide you in meeting important obligations and improving the strength of your case. In most cases, victims will receive a higher settlement with a lawyer’s assistance, even after deducting fees, compared to self-represented accident victims. Our legal group also has offices in Warner Robins and Atlanta.

Our law team represents clients across the southeastern United States and nationwide by partnering with local lawyers in other States. Call for your FREE case assessment today to start that process.

Our Macon personal injury attorney team is on hand 24/7 to respond to your queries or help you initiate a personal injury lawsuit.

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